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At the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology we want to promote innovation and transfer from all areas. This includes specialised training for our researchers and fostering opportunities for collaboration.

  • Innovation Tuesday:

The Innovation Tuesday initiative, organised by our SINNBIOSIS unit, aims to invite companies related to the thematic areas of I2SysBio to give a lecture at the centre and find out in detail what we do and where we are located. On the one hand, the presentations deal with transfer and innovation as part of the training offer and, on the other hand, show us opportunities for public-private collaboration.

  • The following companies have participated so far​:

 ADM-Biopolis: Innovation and systems biology in the F&B industry (

 Seqplexing: desenvolupaments i serveis genètics (  

  • Next Innovation Tuesday: 

EpiDisease: Transfer of Innovation and creation of Start-Ups in Biomedicine.