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Presentation of ERISOST

ERISOST (interdisciplinary Research Structure of the University of Valencia in Sustainability, Environment, Economy, Education and Society) is a research unit created in 2009, which aims to consolidate the interdisciplinary cooperation and to reinforce and develop new research lines in the field of sustainability. Ii consists of researchers from several university departments of the UV – Sociology, Applied Economics, Statistics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Experimental and Social Sciences Teaching, Education Theory –, forming a stable research structure that participates in national, European and international research networks, keeping continuous relationships with similar groups and also participating in consortia involved in the presentation of research projects, also providing an appropriate training context for researchers who are new in this field.

ERISOST, is aimed at generating solutions to social demands and new challenges derived from the problem of sustainability, in order to transfer results that allow both to redesign lines of research according to the needs of society, and reorientate the public policies applied to this field.

It is currently in a computerisation phase to make it then public, a Documentation Archive that consists of over 80.000 news and documents related to issues and problems derived from the relationship environment/society.

In the field of the University of Valencia, ERISOST collaborates with the design and implementation of several training initiatives and action plans developed by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Sustainability and Infrastructures.