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New website of the Research Institute

  • December 10th, 2018
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The website of the UV Interdisciplinary Research Structure for Sustainability has been tailored to the new design. This design is been progressively implemented to the whole UV website, within the frame of the global transformation process of the management model of the Universitat wherein the commitment to use new technologies has a decisive role.

In accordance with the obligation that the Transparency Law establishes on the publication of everything that affects the Universitat relations, as a public administration, with citizens, the new website design is an aid to guarantee transparency in its activity and the citizens right to access public information. The new design of the Interdisciplinary Research Structure for Sustainability portal is also a new response to the need of proximity between UV and society.

Currently, the new portal has a more attractive and accessible format and includes information on the research areas and the ongoing projects, activity reports and documentary collections among others.

Another of the section refers to the content of the study plans and sustainability areas.