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University Professional Specialisation Diploma of Specialist in Environmental Participation

Environmental participation is defined as the direct involvement of people in knowledge, assessment, prevention and solution of environmental problems. That is the process through which citizens make decisions on their own institutions, programmes and problems that affect the natural resources and environment. An effective participation addressed to favour the sense of belonging to the environment, through collective responsibility practices that allow a better social structure through the opportunity of constructing social relationships around common interests and shared projects. Thus, participation processes are currently considered both as a supplement and requirement to the public decision processes, and as an instrument of change for action.


The Specialisation Diploma proposed is directly linked to meeting the educational and technical training demands in the field of environmental participation. This field remains one of the areas of particular importance in the performance and new professional skills required both to a level of specialists who work in institutions (city councils, grouping of municipalities, development agencies, etc…) or who work in specific programmes derived from sectorial environmental policies (water policies, biodiversity, land planning, natural resources), and to those people who work in the private sector of consultancy or environmental audit office. The proposed training programme has, therefore, as aims the theoretical and practical training in basic skills and the combination of necessary skills for the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and assessment of efficient participation programmes and processes in the social and environmental field.

Academic profile

The proposed Diploma is addressed to professionals, managers and/or people interested in environmental issues, sustainability and environmental participation in their different public and private implementation fields (programmes, programmes by territorial scope and sectorial socio-environmental policies), who have a university degree in the different areas of Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Health, Humanities (geography and land planning), as well as high-level specialists in the industry and administration involved in the implementation of environmental intervention, normatively regulated or not, which require the implementation of environmental participation processes.