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Own materials and resources

Reference materials

The Languages Service collaborates with other Valencian universities and with the members of the Xarxa Vives network to produce reference materials for writing texts in Catalan and English.

Esteve, Francesc (dir.)

Gramàtica zero clarifies the most frequent syntactic questions in a practical and simple way and, as its subtitle declares, aims to guide in the best use with the minimum grammar. It tackles the most important and recurrent linguistic doubts and tries to clarify them with as little linguistic terminology as possible. It offers accessible explanations to everyone and it is supported by a remarkable range of examples, with a graphic presentation that allows the solutions to be visualised at a glance.

Valencia: Languages Service, University of Valencia 2011

Andreu i Bellés (coord.)

Manual de documents i llenguatge administratius is a tool that regulates and unifies the preparation of institutional documentation and sets the model of administrative language, especially in terms of style and the unification of linguistic criteria and conventions that are specific to it. This publication is the result of a collaboration between the Universitat Jaume I, the University of Valencia, the University of Alacant and the Universitat Politècnica de València, which makes it an obligatory reference for Valencian university administrations.

Castelló de la Plana: Publicacions de la Universitat Jaume I, 2009

Various authors

Criteris lingüístics per als usos institucionals de les universitats valencianes aims to contribute to determining a homogeneous and appropriate style in Catalan for the formal uses of the university institution.  

Languages services of the Valencian universities, 2004

Various authors

The Interuniversity Style Guide is designed for teaching and research staff, administrative and service staff and language professionals who have to write institutional documentation in English. Although one of the sections covers general writing criteria, the word style in the title refers to linguistic conventions relating to spelling, punctuation, typography and other editorial aspects. Consistency in these areas provides clarity and cohesion in texts, that facilitates and simplifies comprehension.

Barcelona: Xarxa Vives d'Universitats, 2013

Joan M. Perujo Melgar

The aim of the Gripau website is, mainly, to make easier the writing of texts to students taking subjects in Catalan, either during secondary education or during the first years of university. The Valencian universities are committed to provide the means for students to increase the use of Catalan and that is why, through this website, we are making this tool available to them so that they can use the language in a fully normal way in all areas of university life.

Languages Service of the University of Alacant, 2013

Antoni Llabrés & Eva Pons (coords.)

Vocabulari de dret consists of almost 6,000 entries, with equivalents in Spanish, and is the most extensive compilation of legal terminology in Catalan to date. It is a collective work, the result of the collaboration of a team of lecturers from the faculties of law at the University of Barcelona and the University of Valencia and technicians from the languages services from both universities. It is conceived as a useful tool not only for university students and lecturers, but also for any professional in the world of law and, in general, for anyone interested.

University of Valencia, University of Barcelona, 2010

Francisco Javier Casinos Mora, Jean-François Gerkens & Antonio Saccoccio

Vocabulari de dret romà consists of 398 entries containing 493 Latin names with the corresponding equivalents in Catalan, Spanish, French and Italian. It includes terms from the main branches of Roman law, such as sources, public law (political and religious institutions, administrative and fiscal law, and criminal law) and private law (person and family, civil procedure and property law), as well as the transmission and reception of this law. The vocabulary devotes special attention to those terms that may offer more linguistic or adaptation difficulties, especially from Catalan.

Languages Service, University of Valencia, 2007

Graeme Berman

Nomenclatura universitària català-anglès de la Universitat de València is a bilingual glossary of academic terms.

Languages Service, University of Valencia, updated version 2018

Various authors

The origin of Nomenclatura de gestió universitària was the translation into English of all the terms or notions that appeared in the regulations and institutional texts of the universities and which were concepts that did not have a clear equivalence in English. Each university had found its own forms and it was considered necessary to reach a consensus on the proposals and have common forms in all the universities. Thus began the project of creating a shared university management nomenclature among the universities that joined the project.

Xarxa Vives d'Universitats, 2017

Resources for learning

Check the resources created by the University of Valencia Languages Service, in collaboration with other language services of Valencian universities, which will help you to advance in the learning process and to improve your multilingual skills.

Various authors

Ben dit is a series that will help you to improve your Catalan while you visit the University of Valencia and to discover publications from Publicacions de la Universitat de València.

Valencia: Languages Service & MediaUni, University of Valencia 2020

Various authors

Món de llengües is a series of videos produced by the University of Valencia Languages Service and MediaUni in which international students from different origins explain their language and culture. 

Valencia: Languages Service & MediaUni, University of Valencia, 2019

Various authors

Tenim paraula is a set of audiovisual resources that aims to support both teaching and research staff who teach and do research in Catalan, and administrative and service staff who work in this language. It is divided into 80 chapters of advice and language recommendations that will help to clarify some of the most frequent doubts of users.

Valencia: Languages Service, University of Valencia 2009

Gonzàlvez, Héctor (et al.)

Fonet is a phonetics practice software published on the initiative of the University of Alacant and with the support of the University of Valencia Languages Service. It is a very useful tool to improve pronunciation and diction in Catalan, especially suitable for university teachers.

Alicante: Biblioteca de Filologia Catalana Digital, University of Alacant