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Solidarity and sustainability: ODS in bibliotequesUV

We present the summary of activities that have been organized in the field of solidarity and sustainability in the libraries of the University of Valencia.


In June 2021, the Library and Documentation Service donated 97 laptops to public secondary education centers. The laptops have been distributed among the institutes IES La Marxadella (Torrent), IES Serra Perenxisa (Torrent) and IES Dr. Peset Aleixandre (Paterna).

The donation has been made with the collaboration of the UV Heath Office and the UV Information Technology Service.


In June 2021, the libraries of the University of Valencia participated in the project “Do you want to study with me?”, organized by the NGO Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project to send books to the National University of Equatorial Guinea. The collaboration of our libraries has materialized in the shipment of 1,000 university books.

The collaborating libraries have been the  “Joan Reglà” Humanities Library, the Science Library “Eduard Boscà” , the “Maria Moliner” Education Library, the  “Pelegrí Casanova” Health Sciences Library , the Dipòsit Library and the Library of the Campus d'Ontinyent.

Humanities Library In the "Gregori Maians" Social Sciences Library and the "Joan Reglá" Humanities Library, street furniture has been installed on the terrace that gives access to the library with concrete tables and chairs and a good WIFI network installation.
With this action we have managed to have accessible spaces for students, which allow the UV's entire electronic collection to be consulted in the open air.

The SBD has collaborated, especially during the pandemic, with the Vice-Rector's Office for Strategy, Quality and Information Technologies buying more laptops and extending the loan term, with the aim of minimizing the digital gap among UV students.

The loan period of laptops to the libraries of the University of Valencia will be 15 days. They can be renewed up to 6 times.

Espais Violeta The SBD collaborates with the Vice-Rector's Office for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability, participating in the working group for the implementation of the SDGs at the UV, ODS jo si !, in the Diversitats initiative and in the definition of libraries as safe spaces against violence from genre with the creation of Multicolor Spaces and the Violet Spaces.

The SBD participates in an energy saving and waste recycling program that is giving good results. In addition, specific actions have been carried out in libraries: in the Historical Library, all conventional lighting has been replaced by LED lighting.

In the deposits sensors of presence have been installed at the Historical Library and the “Joan Reglá” Library of Humanities  with the intention of improving the preservation of the materials there guarded and collaborate in the decarbonisation of our activities.

Digitization The SBD, in accordance with the legislation on Intellectual Property, facilitates partial reproductions of bibliographic funds for the purpose of research, in electronic format, avoiding the use of paper and minimizing the footprint of carbon in library activities.