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What is Mendeley?
Mendeley is a bibliographic reference manager and an academic social network that allows you to:

  • Automatically generate bibliographies.
  • Find relevant documents from your area of interest.
  • Easily import documents from other platforms.
  • Collaborate with other users online.
  • Access your documents from anywhere via the web.

Mendeley combines a local or desktop version with a web version with which it synchronizes. Both versions are complementary, they are not alternatives. There are some functions that are only in one of the versions and others that are in both versions but are designed for one of them. In general terms, as a bibliographic manager it works better in the desktop version and as a social network it stands out in the web version.

Local or desktop version (Desktop)

  • Allows you to work without an internet connection
  • Manage, read, share, annotate and quote documents
  • Enter appointments in Word or Open Office
  • Create a bibliography from a list of citations
  • Import a library from another library manager or from several databases using the "Mendeley web importer" plug-in


  1. My Library: allows you to configure and manage the various document collections
  2. Groups: allows you to create and manage groups
  3. Filters: allows you to apply filters by author, keywords, publications or tags
  4. Sync: allows you to synchronize your library
  5. List of references: allows you to view the list of references
  6. Search box: allows you to search by author, title, publication name, year of publication or notes
  7. Full record: allows you to view and add details and notes to the document

Web version

Different sections of Mendeley Web:

  1. Updates of our contacts and groups and the possibility of writing ourselves. You can add people to your Mendeley network.
  2. Library: access to the bibliographical references we have included in our account.
  3. Selection of interesting articles in our discipline, based on the contents of our Library.
  4. Evaluation of the impact of our publications. Mendeley offers some metrics and statistics that may be of interest to know the academic acceptance of our scientific production. If you have a Scopus Author Identifier you will have access to the Mendeley Stats section.
  5. Collaborate with other researchers by creating and joining groups. Discover possible collaborators and contact specialists who share the same lines of workl.

In the 2 versions

  • Entering appointments manually
  • Upload PDFs or attach them to existing references
  • Read and Underline PDFs

Mendeley is a multidisciplinary academic social network that allows us to share our content: references, full-text documents (only in private groups), etc. with other users.

Mendeley works with a database created by the users themselves and can identify the references used by a larger number of researchers, as well as the journals from which they come

All this makes it an ideal space for collaboration for research groups.

In Mendeley it is also possible to find information contained in institutional repositories, as well as job offers in our field and project finance

Mendeley and mobile devices: with the official application you can use the manager from Android and IOS devices and, in this way, synchronize the documents between different mobile devices (Tablet, mobile...) and the desktop.


How to create an institutional account?

Mendeley is a free application in which is possible to register with a free account. However, you can also take benefits from an institutional account with the following procedure:

From a computer located in the UV and connected to our network via WIFI or LAN (cable), go to the following address: can also connect your computer to the UV network using the VPN if you are outside our facilities.

At the top right of the screen you have two options:

  •  Create an account. Use this option if you don't have a Mendeley account and want to create a new one.
  • Sign in. Use this option if you already have a free account and want to upgrade to an MIE (Mendeley Institutional Edition) account.

Please note: Mendeley does not use the institutional domain of the email you registered with to determine whether or not you are eligible for an EIM account, but the UV network from which you connect.  In this sense, it is irrelevant whether you register with the institutional mail or with a personal mailbox. 


From this moment on you can access your Mendeley account from any computer and from any network (even from outside the UV network) with all the advantages of an MIE account.

You can verify that your Mendeley account is MIE at the following address:



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