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 3108 Pollution, Toxicology and Environmental Health

  • Response and resistance to xenobiotics in animals
  • Ecophysiological characterisation of species and populations in relation to natural and anthropogenic factors
  • Determining and monitoring the effects of chemical and physical pollutants on organisms through field and laboratory studies
  • Ecotoxicological implications of chemotherapeutic products used in aquaculture
  • Development and application of methodologies for determining the environmental status of the epicontinental aquatic ecosystems
  • Microbial ecology and decontamination methodologies for environmental matrices Bioremediation
  • Water quality assessment
  • Preservation and restoration of ecosystems
  • Environment and health.
  • Determination of pollutants in biota and in different environmental matrices.
  • Effect of environmental factors on human and animal reproduction.
  • Human activity in coastal environments.
  • Beliefs, attitudes and values in environmental education.
  • Effects of pollution in agricultural ecosystems
  • Soil contamination
  • Composting of waste