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F.- Specialisation in Environmental Health (specialisation 3) (18 ECTS credits)

Subject: Assessment of the impact of enthropic activities over the natural environment and population's health (3 ECTS credits) (2nd semester)


Strategies in environment and health. Quality and healthiness of our environment. Possible health implications derived from environmental problems and/or disasters. Main effects in the health state attributable to environmental factors; its assessment. Cause/effect relation in health problems of environmental origin; complexity of the problem. Awareness campaigns and proper training actions.

Subject: Environmental epidemiology (3 ECTS credits) (2nd semester)

Epidemiological research techniques of the health risk factors on health. Epidemiological monitoring of environmental risks.

Subject: Research in education for sustainability of environmental health (3 ECTS credits) (2nd semester)

Conceptual framework of education for sustainability of environmental health. Sustainability in health institutions, Strategies in education for sustainability of environmental health. Citizen participation in the sustainable management of environmental health. Analysis of researches in specialised journals. Research processes through some researches in environmental health. Design of a research in education for environmental health.

Subject: Education for health (3 ECTS credits) (2nd semester)

Evolution of the concepts of health, illnesses and diseases. Traditional illnesses and current risk factors. Health determinants of a population. Importance of Health Education in formal and non-formal contexts. Generation of attitudes and development of healthy behaviours. Promotion of health. Factors that intervene in life styles. Rural and social environment. Environmental hygiene. Consumer society.

Subject: Wastes and the environment (3 ECTS credits) (2nd semester)

Problems and effects of urban and industrial waste waters on the quality of life and health. The environmental problem of solid wastes and their impact on the population's quality of life and health. Urban, industrial and toxic solid wastes. Management techniques and treatment of solid waste. The problem of waste waters and solid wastes in the Valencian Community.

Subject: Indicators and health monitoring of environmental risks. (3 ECTS credits) (2nd semester)

Indicators of environmental health, health monitoring of environmental risks, environmental  health risk levels, assessment of public health, monitoring of public health, environmental epidemiology, environmental toxicology, geographical information systems in environmental health.