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Objectives of the Master's

The first general objective of the Programme is the training of licenciados (Spanish former Undergraduate degree), graduates, engineers and working professionals to be able to deal integrally with the study of ecological, ecotoxicological and health problems produced by the humans in the natural environment.

Also a general objective of this Programme is to offer specialised knowledge of the pollution processes both in the environment and in living beings that inhabit it, thus giving answers to the society demands in front of environmental conservation.

A third objective is to channel the training of professionals from different Degrees related to Experimental Sciences (Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry and CC. Biomedical, Physics, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Geology, Veterinary…) and engineering, establishing a base of fluid communication among graduates of different profiles.

Listed below there are the specific objectives:

I. To provide the students with a set of theoretical/practical tools that allow them to know the ecological processes are affected by pollution.

II. To provide a comprehensive overview of the different types of environmental pollution and its effects on human health.

III. To influence on the resistance mechanisms of toxicity of the contaminants in living beings.

IV. To highlight the resistance mechanisms of living beings to pollution.

We want, in addition, that graduates acquire autonomy for learning and subsequent perfecting and skills in the assessment and critical analysis of the subjects of the Master’s and its social implications and that they will be able to carry out activities in this area showing initiative and ability to work in a team, communication skills as wells as assimilation of the rules of professional ethics and always from the most scrupulous respect for fundamental rights.