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These conferences are addressed to the general public. Four of them are compulsory for the students of UniSocietat since they comput credits.

Schedule: 19:00
Place: Centro Cultural de Caixa Ontinyent

Month Date Conference Speaker
October 03/10/2013 The family business in an environment of economic crisis. Cesar Camisón
Department of Business Management "Juan José Renau Piqueras"
November 07/11/2013 Alzheimers´s disease: Multisensory stimulation Raúl Espert
Department of Neuropsychology
December 19/12/2013 Euclidean geometry, is it the traditional one? Rafael Crespo
Department of Mathematics
January 30/01/2014 Lifelong physical activity and sports. Proven benefits. Vicent Añó
Department of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
February 27/02/2014 Pharmacogenetics Julio Cortijo
Department of Pharmacology
March 27/03/2014 Effective communication. The pragmatics of communication Antonio Briz
Department of Philology
April 10/04/2014 Elements of Musical Rhetoric in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries compositions Pablo Pérez
Department of Modern History
May 29/05/2014 Rough-and-ready microorganisms Hortensia Rico
Department of Pharmacy and Microbiology
June 18/06/2014 Living and thinking with cinema Jesús Alcolea
Department of Philosophy