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Identification, quantification and stability of bioactive compounds in foods and ingredients

Identify, quantify and stability studies performed:

a) components of the lipid fraction of food / ingredients: fatty acids, sterols, gangliosides, liposoluble vitamins and others.

b) compounds resulting from the Maillard reaction.

c) nitrogen fraction: peptides and amino acids.

d) antioxidants.



In vitro and in vivo bioavailability of food components

We have standardised simulation models of gastrointestinal digestion that allow us to assess:

a) the soluble fraction of the component under consideration, theoretically available for absorption (bioavailable).

b) uptake and transport in combined systems which incorporate cell cultures, and determination of the bioavailability of food components in biological fluids from clinical trials.



Evaluation of biological effects using in vitro techniques

We have the methodology necessary to assess the biological effects (cytoprotection and/or cytotoxicity, markers of oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis) of bioactive components in foods / ingredients, using cell cultures.



Technical reports/advice on nutritional and functional quality of food

Analytical and technical assessment of formulations, food and diets.