foto David Perez Guaita
PI-Invest Cont Ramon y Cajal
Departament: Química Analítica
Department of Analytical Chemistry, F Building, 4th Floor

Coming from a background of analytical chemistry, my research has focused on developing vibrational spectroscopic techniques to address a wide range of bioanalytical problems spanning the clinical and biological fields. Clinical Spectroscopy is a multidisciplinary field that involves research in chemistry, optics, and statistics to provide applications in the biomedical context. I have been very lucky to work in different labs across Europe and Australia, including France (1.5 years), Germany (0.5 years), Australia (4.5 years) and Ireland (2 years). I have finally settled in the University of Valencia with a Ramon y Cajal grant, where I am establishing myself as an independent researcher.

 My contribution to the field of vibrational spectroscopy has advanced knowledge in 4 central themes:
i) Sample processing for IR analysis: Improving clinical spectroscopy methods by using sample pretreatment techniques. 
ii) Chemometrics and data fusion: Application of novel chemometric datamining algorithms. Development of methods for fusing data from different modalities, including infrared (IR) and Mass Spectrometry and the multimodal imaging of IR and Raman.
ii) Infrared and Raman micro- and nano- imaging. Images of cells and tissues using Raman and IR. Use of Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) coupled with IR and Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS).
iv) Translational research. Development of methods for biofluid analysis, and most notably diagnosis of Malaria in developing countries and quantification of clinical parameters for bio-fluids at the hospital level and in the point-of-care context. Field trials in Thailand using portable instrumentation.

Scientific Output:  I have authored more than 60 journal articles and 2 chapters in indexed scientific journals: 55% as the first or corresponding author, 66% of the articles published in the first Quartile (Q1) of their respective field. These works have been cited 1200 times (Jan,2020); h-index is 23; [Google Scholar] and I obtained a granted US patent. As a PI, my projects have obtained more than 500K EUR in funding from institutions in Europe, Australia and Asia.

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