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Àrea de coneixement: FINANCES EMPRESARIALS
Departament: Finances Empresarials
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Dr. Irene Comeig has recently been appointed a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School (USA) in the Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP). She is an Associate Professor of Finance (with tenure) at the University of Valencia (Spain) and taught Corporate Finance as a Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia (USA), Department of Economics, from 2012 to 2015. She has also been a Visiting Professor at the University of Lausanne (Fall 2022) and at the University of Geneva (November 2007-October 2010). Her PhD Thesis obtained the Young Research Award in Economics from the General Foundation of the Complutense University of Madrid, and the Victor Mendoza Award for PhD Theses (1st accésit) from the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE, Spain).

She is currently the Director of the Official Master in Corporate Finance at the University of Valencia.

Her main areas of research interest include Behavioral Finance, Experimental Economics, SME Finance and Risk Attitudes. She uses Economics Experiments to analyze behavior and financial decisions of economic agents under risk and ambiguity. Her recent work studies measures that improve the financing of entrepreneurial projects led by women and the integration of women in competitive environments such as science, industry or politics.

Dr. Irene Comeig has supervised 4 PhD dissertations and more than 20 Master Thesis, and participated in more than 100 international and Spanish conferences. She has participated in 18 research projects, being the Principal Researcher of the INNACC00/2020/40 and INNACC00/19/054 projects funded by the Government of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Recent publications:

1- “Upside versus downside risk: Gender, stakes, and skewness” (with Charles A. Holt, and A Jaramillo-Gutiérrez), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 2022, Vol. 200 (August 2022), 21-30

2- “Are credit screening contracts designed for men?” (with A Jaramillo-Gutiérrez, and F Ramírez) Service Business, 2022, 1-23.

3- “Institutional factors affecting entrepreneurship: A QCA analysis” (with P Sendra-Pons, and A Mas-Tur) European Research on Management and Business Economics 2022, Vol. 28 (3), 100187

4- “The paradox of (Inter) net neutrality: An experiment on ex-ante antitrust regulation” (with K Klaser, and LD Pinar), Technological Forecasting and Social Change 2022, 175, 121405

In media: Forbes Febr. 2023New Academic Research Challenges Broadband Internet Rules (

       Chicago Booth May 2023:

5- "Conducta gregaria irracional en crowdfunding de recompensa: experimento de campo" (with Ramírez López, F. y Portilla-Salas, F.), Retos Revista de Ciencias de la Administración y Economía, 2023, 13(25), 9-19. https://

Link to English version:

"Non-rational herding in reward-based crowdfunding: a field experiment "(with Ramírez López, F. y Portilla-Salas, F.), Retos Revista de Ciencias de la Administración y Economía, 2023, 13(25), 9-19. https://

6- "Reproducibility in Management Science" (with Fisar, M., Greiner, B., Huber, C., Katok, E., Ozkes, A., and the Management Science Reproducibility Collaboration) (Note. Member of the Management Science Reproducibility Collaboration), Management Science, 2023, December,


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