Management agreements

News in the institutional web page

C1. The news of the main webpage and the page of news are update in real time. Verbal tenses, dates and other data are corrected. [S1]

Corporative social media of the Universitat de València

C2. Answering immediatly any questions or requests of information that the followers may have in social media. [S2]

Weekly journal InfoUniversitat

C3. Selecting the contents that are considered useful for the student body so that it can guide and inform them in their university life. [S3]

Radio and TV at the Universitat de València

Offering an attractive programme to the student body with a series of content that reflect their experiences. [S4]

Mediation with the media

C5. Increasing the institutional presence of the representatives, experts and members of the Universitat de València in the media. [S5]


Activities of journalistic interest

C6. To send quality press releases (truthfulness, contrast, impact, interest...) to the media in order to disseminate the activities of journalistic interest generated by the spokespersons, experts and members of the Universitat de València [S6]


Press Dossier

C7. Update the University Press Dossier daily so that it contains all the information published in a dozen or so written media. [S7]

Expert Guide

C8. Increase the number of our experts included in the Guide. [S8]

Institutional post office (Pregonero)

C9. Disseminate mail on the date indicated by the sender. [S9]


NOTE: In each commitment, the code of the service to which it is associated is specified in square brackets  [S9]