Forms of Participation and Collaboration

In order to collaborate in the improvement of the service, the users of the Press Office can:

  • To give its opinion on the perceived quality of the services offered by the unit.
  •  To formulate suggestions that helps us to improve.
  • To make complaints when the services offered are not satisfactory.
  • Receive attention related to information needs, doubts, questions, etc., that arise in relation to the services provided by the unit.


Amendment Measures:

The users who consider that the unit does not comply with the commitments declared in the Charter of Services will be able to formulate their complaints through intermediaries:

- UV Suggestions, Complaints and Congratulations Mailbox:

- Written submission to the UV Registry, addressed to the Press Office

In the event of non-compliance, the user shall be informed of the reasons why the commitment has not been fulfilled and of the measures adopted.

Failure to comply with the commitments contained in this Charter shall not give rise to liability of the Administration.