I1. Delay of days between the publication of the news item and the fact [C1].

I2. Response remission rate within 24 hours. [C2]

I3. Quantification of the audience at InfoUniversitat annually. [C3]

I4. Quantification of audience on radio and television annually. [C4]

I5. Number of media insertions per year. [C5]

I6. Number of news items published in the Press Dossier annually. [C6]

I7. Number of daily insertions in the Press Dossier. [C7]

I8. Number of experts that appear in the Guide on an annual basis. [C8]

I9. Fee for forwarding mail on the date indicated. [C9]

NOTE: In each indicator is specified in square brackets [ ] the code of the commitment to which it is linked