User Rights and Responsabilities


Users of the services provided by the Press Office have the rights recognised in Article 35 of Law 30/1992, of 26 November, on the legal status of public administrations and common administrative procedure, a rule repealed with effect from 2 October 2016 by Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on the common administrative procedure of public administrations (in force from 02/10/2016) and especially the rights to:

  • To be treated with respect and deference.
  • To receive non-discriminatory treatment and care adapted to their personal conditions, according to available resources.
  • To use all the official languages in the Territory of the Valencian Community in accordance with those established by the legal system.
  • To access to the public information under the terms provided by the effective legislation.
  • To present the suggestions, complaints and congratulations they deem appropriate in relation to the services provided by the Press Office in which they are interested, through the established means.
  • Any other right derived from the effective legislation



Users of the services provided by the Press Office have the following responsabilities:

  • The Press Office staff need to be treated with respect and deference
  • To present the documentation required for the elaboration of the journalistic material within the usual term in the journalistic activity.
  • To cite the UV Press Office as a source in any document that makes use of the information provided by the aforementioned.
  • Any responsability resulting from the effective legislation.