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4th EAWOP Early Career Summer School


4th EAWOP Early Career Summer School

4th EAWOP Early Career Summer School for Advanced Work and Organizational Psychology - September 1st to 6th 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The summer school's flyer (here)

The call for applications can be found here.


If you are a young researcher (up to 5 years from completion of your PhD) or a PhD student in the final year, think of applying for the 4th EAWOP Early Career Summer School!

EAWOP Early Career Summer Schools are designed to fosterinner-European research collaborations and to support the development of promising researchers in this field.

The 4th Edition will take place from the 1st to 6th September 2014 in Portugal (Azeitão, a lovely small town near Lisbon), under the main themes of theory building, and fund raising in
organizational psychology. We intend to welcome 35 young researchers with a diversity of interests in W/O Psychology, but a shared passion for theory.

        Invited Senior Scholars:
                Batia Wiesenfeld (Chair, Management and Organizations
Department at NYU Stern, US)
                Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro (Head of EROB Group,
Department of Management at London School of Economics, UK)
                John Mathieu (Professor & Cizik Chair in Management
at University of Connecticut, US)
                Mark Griffin (Winthrop Professor of Psychology at
University of Western Australia, AU)
                Michael West (Professor of Organizational Psychology
at Lancaster University; NHS Leadership Academy Programme Steering
Group, UK)
                Rámon Rico (Professor of Social Psychology at
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, SP)
                António Caetano (Professor of Organizational
Psychology, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, PT)


        The fee is 350 Euros for EAWOP members, which covers summer school participation, accommodation in double rooms, full-board and a facultative sightseeing trip around Lisbon on Saturday morning; the fee must be paid by May 30, 2014. Members from eastern European countries can benefit from a reduced fee.
        Non-EAWOP members can sign up for a discounted one year membership (May 2014 to May 2015, 50 Euros) through the EAWOP office.

        For more information:
        Visit http://eawop.com/next-school2  or send an email to 

Juliana Seidl. 34th Interamerican Congress of Psychology. Brasilia, 15-19/JUL/2013


During the 34th Interamerican Congress of Psychology - that happened last week in Brasilia, Brazil - five participants met Professor José María Peiró to talk about the Master WOP-P. Juliana Seidl and Anne Cristino, ex-woppers, talked about what they're doing right now as professionals who live in Brasilia and Aracaju, respectively. Juliana studied the Master WOP-P from 2008 to 2010 in Coimbra and Barcelona and now she is working as a researcher at the University of Brasilia, conducting projects and trainings related to Quality of Working Life and Retirement Planning. Anne Vieira studied in Coimbra and Bologna from 2010 to 2012 and she is working at this moment as an HR analyst in a public company from her city, with workers from the health sector. Both, Juliana and Anne, have the interest to apply to a Doctoral program in the long term, as they are firstly interested to get practical experience.  Patrícia Emanuele and Eduardo de São Paulo are Doctorate candidates from the Social, Work and Organizational Psychology  Program from the University of Brasilia (UnB) and they participated at the Winter School in 2013 and 2012, respectively (both in Gandía, Valencia). Patricia is studying organizational pro-environmental practices and quality of working life and Eduardo's research is about values transmission through social networks and the internet. Eduardo also works as an United Nations consultant of the Brazilian National Institute for Educational Research (INEP), dealing with evaluation policies and methodologies. Finally,  Yasmin Abdel, a UnB grad student came to the meeting to get more information about the Master WOP-P as she's pretty interested to apply for the next grants. As the Master WOP-P is in its second cycle (8th Edition), Professor Peiró could share with the participants the most important changes that the Program experimented during these years, specially the interest to make it even time more international, encouraging the admission of students from different countries from the globe. This was also an unforgettable experience for them to talk about some HR challenges across the world.

Juliana Seidl

Psicóloga - CRP 01/15473
Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Ergonomia Aplicada ao Setor Público - ErgoPublic
Grupo de Estudos em Prevenção e Promoção da Saúde no Ciclo de Vida - GEPPSVida

Eva Ariño Mateo

My name is Eva Ariño Mateo and I am doing my PhD on Social Psychology at the La Laguna University, with the FPI grant. I am a Master Wop-p’ ex-student of the promotion of 2009-2010 and I would like to introduce you to my training experience.

The 2 years of my master experience were really very great. On the one hand, I could acquire professional and research competences. I could learn the management, planning and evaluation of Human Resources deeply, taking a long view of different perspectives. The teaching staff were professors of different universities that taught us in several masteries of Human Resources. Also there were professional and business professors who allowed us to learn about the management of human resources from their own experience and their practice in the company. I could get a general and wide knowledge of all human resources areas, as recruitment, selection, training, labor climate, compensation, performance evaluation and negotiation processes. Moreover I could use that knowledge in practice during my internship that was promoted in Adecco Cork, Ireland. In that time period I could approach to the company and manage different tasks of the recruitment office as payslips, timesheets, job vacancies, reports, interviews, recruitment and selection, and also  have a practical experience abroad. On the other hand the master approached me to the company creating work teams and let me to work in a team with my colleagues, conducting projects, loading intragroup goals, learning and growing together. This fact led us to learn and to experience how to work in a team and to experience the benefits that this entails. I will never forget the outdoor_ activities where over a week our team, all classmates, could increase even more in cooperation and teamwork.

During the Mater Wop-p’s time I could grow up in skills and competences as teamwork, leadership, decision making, methodology and research. Then I guess if this was your decision, you would have a great period, too.

Have a good time!

The European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) invites applicants for the 3rd Summer School, to be held at Lake Lucerne (Switzerland) from August 27 to September 1, 2012 (Monday afternoon until Saturday morning). The EAWOP Summer School is a biannual event that brings together 36 young scholars from all over Europe and several of the most well-renowned leading international scholars.For more information, fees, and a program overview click hereAPPLICATION
The summer school is open for PhD students in their final year and post doc researchers in the first five years after their PhD. Please send the following documents to
eawop_summerschool@psychologie.uzh.ch by April 1, 2012:

  1. CV with your (planned) date of completion, your EAWOP membership status, a list of congress contributions, and publications

  2. 3-5 page extended abstract covering a current study (i.e., work in progress) that you would like to present at the summer school, including specific questions to be discussed with the audience

  3. 3-5 page abstract covering future research ideas, including specific questions to the audience

Participants will be notified by May 1, 2012 whether their application was successful.Martin Kleinmann & Maike Debus     
University of ZurichAnn-Louise Holten
Member of the EAWOP Executive Committee

The students in the Máster Erasmus Mundus gather at the Centre Internacional de Gandia’s winter school

During the next two weeks, 44 students coming from 16 different countries –Germany, Canadá, USA, Greece, Poland, Sri Lanka, among others–, are going to participate in the ‘Bernhard Wilpert’ Winter School’s in-class teaching organized by Máster Erasmus Mundus WOP-P (www.erasmusmunduswop.org) and developed by Centro Internacional de Gandia (CIG).

Máster Erasmus Mundus is taught thanks to five European universities (Barcelona, Bologna, Comimbra, Paris-Descartes and Valencia) and it is coordinated by a team of lecturers in the Facultat de Psicologia and the UV’s university Research Institute IDOCAL (www.uv.es/idocal). IDOCAL teaches this master’s degree entirely in English.

The students participating in this edition are all master’s degree level students coming from the five universities of the consortium, as well as from two associated universities: University of Guelph (Canada) and Universidad de Brasilia (Brazil). Moreover, there are also students from San Jose State Univerity and University of Baltimore (USA), University of Maastricht and University of Greece.

The teachers are outstanding lecturers, researchers and professionals such as professor Robert Roe (U. Maastricht, NL and president of the European Federation of Psychology Associations), Rob Briner (University of Bath, UK), David Guest (Kings College de Londres, UK), Neil Anderson (Brunel University, UK), Dirk Steiner (Université de Nice), Eric Andriessen (University of Delft) and Fred Zjisltra (University of Mastricht). Carolina Moliner, Isabel Rodriguez y José M. Peiró, IDOCAL’s lecturers, Vincent Rogard of Université Paris Descartes and Salvatore Zapala, in the University of Bologna, are the coodinators.

The main goal of this winter school is the development of professional abilities (knowledge, abilities and attitudes) in order to design actions in the field of organizational development and human resources at an international level and within both a global and local context.

Juliana Seidl was a WOP-P student. She is working at a Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the University of Brasilia.

Juliana Seidl was a WOP-P student from 2008-2010 at the Universities of Coimbra and Barcelona. Since September 2010, she’s back to Brasilia working as a consultant in Personnel Psychology and since March 2011, Juliana is working at a Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the University of Brasilia – UnB (www.cdt.unb.br). Her main task is to teach students of the University who also work as junior entrepreneurs about different topics: strategic planning, R&S, T&D, motivation, leadership, communication. Moreover, she participates in a group of studies and research called Ergonomics applied to the Public Sector (ErgoPublic) conducting research and training to different public organizations.

Juliana Seidl, 2011

The Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) is holding informal social meetings on Sunday 8 May for all Erasmus Mundus prospective, current, and past students.

Would you kindly forward this email or send this link to all the EM students who are now in Madrid, if any, on the Erasmus Mundus you coordinate inviting them to join other Erasmus Mundus students and alumni from other programmes on Sunday 9 October 2011 starting at 18:00h in Retiro Park, concretely the closest entrance to Prado Museum, Calle Alfonso XII (map)
Events at other European cities taking place on the same day can also be found on our Facebook page (events) and on our website

I have been asked this question many times, and my answer has been always the same: why not?

I knew my tutor of Colombia in the master, she was teaching me Consumer Psychology during the first course. During that subject, we worked very hard, in the same line than the whole master, and the teacher María Mercedes Botero was very excited about all the training and knowledge the students had received. Thanks to a good relationship started during the classes, I was offered the opportunity to undertake my master´s internship in Colombia. What was I offered? To learn. The expectation about my internship was to learn by doing in Inpsicon LTDA. This company works doing market studies based on Consumer Psychology as well as giving advices to companies at an organizational level. But going to Colombia implies some learning due to the cultural change that not only contributes to the personal development, but to the professional one. But let´s start from the beginning, from what I have done in my internship.

From my arrival to Barranquilla I have not stopped working: I have given advice on processes within an organization´s department, developed a new service for a consultancy firm by embedding scientific research in their professional practice, collaborated in the data analysis and interpretation of several market studies, given advice on corporate brand image, collaborated in the design, development, and assessment of a responsible consuming research….they have been three months of intense and fulfilling work with a tutor who has strived for our learning. This is in relation to Inpsicon, but María Mercedes also opened a door for us in the Universidad del Norte, where we could give some classes in the “Organizational Psychology” and “Practices of Organizational Psychlogy” subjects.

Apart from working in the development of my professional competences, I have had the opportunity to know a professional environment quite different from the Spanish one, both at a legislative and cultural levels. Colombia, particularly Barranquilla (what I have seen mostly) is an enterprising and innovative by nature. Walking along the streets, one can see different people making business our of anything, and also new businesses that stand out by their added value.

The concepts of “marketing” and “organizational psychology” are really assimilated in the Colombian culture. The percentage of people that can properly speak about these areas of psychology, or at least the percentage of people able to understand the terms used in those, is very high. An innovative, knowledgeable, and entrepreneur  market, but very closed. Entering in a market, like the one in Barranquilla (or Cartagena, or Cali), is not easy when you are new. I had the opportunity of networking because I went with a person with a very good reputation in the area, but it is likely that if I had been alone I would not have gone too far with all my professional background. For the companies it is complicated to hire foreigners (at least much more than hiring a local person), but the persons who composed the market do not accept any “stranger”. When a company is willing to expand in this area, the first thing it does is to consider the resources it counts with, (who do I know in this place?). Therefore, people need to be accompanied by someone local, otherwise they will not make it; I had the opportunity to enter and to let the people know me. Even big companies need to ally with smaller ones belonging to the specific area so the people accept them and want to know them. It is a practice full of learning experiences at both a professional and personal levels...

During the first month in Colombia I did not realize when I was starting or finishing a conversation (even less of its content), I was afraid of crossing the street (there are very few crosswalks or traffic lights), every taxi I got in I thought it would be the last...but on the other hand I know the people from Barranquilla, curious people who came to me and asked me about my origins and the life in Spain (once I let them know I was Spanish). To know people with so many different customs is enriching, and those conversations remain in my memories. Colombia is an unknown country for the world. When someone says Colombia, people think about “guerrilleros” or drugs, but not in natural resources, spontaneity, kindness or mixed races. Mixed races is actually what really attracts your attention in Barranquilla: the people, the food, the dancing, the language...But I will stay with the people and the natural resources, so spontaneous that scare, so authentic that you fall in love.

But we cannot forget the high percentage of people in need and the fact that people is classified by status levels. Outrageous for those who visit the area and for some locals, but assimilated by the majority.

I could tell many more things, but I think that the essence of my internship is quite well reflected as stated. My experience in this internship has fostered my learning experience in all senses, and I ask again: why Colombia?: Because you can learn from each of the things you do, even an easy task such as going to the supermarket, becomes a true experience when you realize that 80% of the products there are unknown to you. I chose Colombia I wanted to learn and I did it, at least to the degree I was able. In one month I go to Uruguay with the same ideas and goals and hopping to achieve similar results.

Cecilia Hoyos, 2011

The Winter School Joint Intensive Learning Unit of the Master EM in WOP-P from an external student point of view
For me, taking part in the WOP Winter School was an overall great experience. I got involved in different aspects of psychology in an unique setting - having international professors and international students working together on the topic of WOP psychology. We had fights, we had arguments, sometimes we were even flooded by our creativeness. The time we had was intense but what stays in mind is the fun that we had! Not only because I got to know an international view on WOP Psychology but also because I made friends around the world I would recommend everyone to take part in this amazing experience!
by Carolin Zug, Free University of Berlin, Germany


15th EAWOP Conference, Maastricht 2011. We kindly invite you to the reception of the Master EM on WOP-P Reception. Friday, May 27, 18.00 pm Room Roma.

Dear Master EN WOP-P Alumni, faculty, current students, potential recruits and program friends,

As in previous editions of the EAWOP conference, during this 15th EAWOP conference we would like to invite you to the reception of the Master Erasmus Mundus on Work and Organizational Psychology (see www.erasmuswop.org for details).

The EAWOP 2011 conference is held in the Maastricht Exhibition and Conference Centre (MECC) from25-28, and we will have the Social Hour on Friday 27th at 18.00p (room Roma). This is great opportunity for interaction between all people interested in the area, alumni, currents students, scholars, program friends.

After the Master EM on WOP-P Social Hour it will take place the EAWOP Conference Party in an exceptionally beautiful location La Caverne de Geulhem (www.eawop2011.org for details.)

See you in Maastricht!!

Download Invitation

Thanks to the Master WOP-P I had the great opportunity to enjoy a research scholarship in a different country during last summer, specifically in Portland, Oregon (U.S.A). This experience led me to consider the possibility to make my internship period in an overseas country as well. It was quite hard as I contacted to several companies around Europe and Spain and I did not have even a response from most of them, that's why I was really surprised when Ford Motor Company from UK contacted to me.

My internship experience in Ford Dunton in the UK gave to me some great opportunities to learn and develop myself both, as a human being and as an HR professional. During these three months, I was involved in several exciting projects in which I had the opportunity to use all the knowledge that I learnt in the WOP-P Master Program, which has been really useful.

Work at Ford Dunton showed me how it works in a huge enterprise, their policies, procedures, assessments, and all these daily issues that we learnt in the Master classes, but sounds quite abstract until you came to a real work environment.

Furthermore, the internship experience is not only about work. Working here, in London, also lead me to meet new people, now friends, and enjoy this great city and, of course, improve my English!

I highly recommend looking for an internship in a different country, as your experience and knowledge becomes richer when you move to a different place, so just go for it!



Deadline abstract submission: 15 October 2010

The Master Erasmus Mundus in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology opens a call for WOP-P Alumni and second year students interested in attending the 15th EAWOP conference next 25-28 May in Maastricht (2011).

There are five grants available for the WOP-P Alumni and second year students. In order to be preselected for the grant the Master EM student and WOP-P Alumni would need to submit an abstract about his/her Research Work/Master thesis to the EAWOP scientific committee (see information about the procedure: http://www.eawop2011.org/).

The WOP-P students/Alumni would need to provide us with the acceptance of the abstract to be presented at the EAWOP conference and the academic marks on the Master EM WOP-P. Each grant will consist of the payment of the students fee for attending the conference.

The EAWOP conference is also a good opportunity to meet each other during the 3rd SOCIAL HOUR of the WOP-P.

The Social Hour of the Master EM in WOP-P is starting to be a tradition. With the success of its first edition celebrated with the support of the 14th EAWOP conference (2009), and after the second edition celebrated at the Iberoamerican Conference in Psology (2010), this year the third edition of the WOP-P Social Hour looks to be celebrated under the support of the 15th EAWOP conference and expects to be even a bigger event receiving collegues, professor and Alumni from around the world. We will send you more detailed information about the SOCIAL HOUR in the near future.



Deadline: May 15th 2010

The United Nations University Office at the United Nations in New Work (UNU_ONY) is recruiting Junior Professional Fellows (JPFs) for the next session (from 1st August 2010 to 31 January 2011).
Participants in UNU's internship programme are Junior Professional Fellows as this title better reflects the responsibility and opportunity given to young professionals accepted into this programme.

For more information and guidelines visit: http://www.ony.unu.edu/internships/.



This is a biannual International congress  that aims to create value Through Risk Prevention Management. The present edition of the Congress will be held in Valencia (Spain) from the 5-7 of may. It is a multidisciplinary Congress with its focus on promoting innovation and developments though the communication of the results of scientific research and the developments coming out from the professional practice. There is a number of psychologist who are leaders in the area of Occupational health that will deliver invited address in this Congress (Gudela Grote,  Stavroula Leka; Luis Lopez Mena, etc. Prof. Peiró will speak about “Measures for Psychosocial Risk Prevention and Health Promotion. Scientific and Empirical Evidence"



It is organized by IAAP and Australian Psychological Society. Division 1 has a huge program in this Congress and the Division of the IAAP Div 1 will take place during the Congress. In the Congress, José M. Peiró President of the Division 1 will deliver the Presidential Adress and a number of activities specific for the Division members, as well as a Social Hour for the division 1 members, is organized.



The IV Congresso Brasileiro De Psicologia Organizacional E Do Trabalho (IV CBPOT) will be held  in Sao Paulo from the next 5th till the 7th of July. The goal of the Congress is to provide opportunities to disseminate the knowledge and to stimulate the debate among the researchers and professional of Work and Organizational psychology and related areas. It also aims to stimulate networking and to strengthen the existing networks. More than 1800 participants are expected in a large Country where the community of Work and Organizational Psychologists is very large and well organized and developed. The event is promoted by the Brazilian Association of Work and Organizational Psychology and the Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo. The Brazilian Association of Work and Organizational Psychology was created in 2001 being its goal to promote science and education in the field of W&O Psychology though the research and the dissemination of knowledge and technologies in our discipline. Professor Peiró (President of the Division 1 of IAAP) has been invited to deliver the Inaugural address under the title of “New trends in occupational stress research and its implications for psychosocial risk analysis in organizations”.



Salary:  £40,323 - £46,710 pa incl

Reference: LEC/09/030

Applciation Deadline: 26th April 2010 at 5:30pm

The Institute of Social Psychology is a thriving centre for the study of social psychology and has an international reputation for its research-led teaching in a variety of fields with four successful specialist masters programmes and a PhD programme.

 You will teach graduate and postgraduate students and conduct research in organisational and social psychology. You should have a PhD or have completed it by the start date of the appointment. You should also have a solid background in social psychology, field research on real-world issues and an emerging track record of high quality research publications.

Please see the instructions of  how to apply|,   job description and further particulars|, person specification|,  and the personal details form (pdf)| (or, Word version|). If you cannot download the pack, email HR.Recruit.lec@lse.ac.uk| or call 020 7955 7859  quoting reference LEC/09/30.

Closing date for receipt of applications: 26th April 2010 at 5:30pm. Regrettably, we cannot consider any applications received after this time.

 We value diversity and wish to promote equality at all levels



This is a biannual International congress  that aims to create value Through Risk Prevention Management. The present edition of the Congress will be held in Valencia (Spain) from the 5-7 of may. It is a multidisciplinary Congress with its focus on promoting innovation and developments though the communication of the results of scientific research and the developments coming out from the professional practice. There is a number of psychologist who are leaders in the area of Occupational health that will deliver invited address in this Congress (Gudela Grote,  Stavroula Leka; Luis Lopez Mena, etc. Prof. Peiró will speak about “Measures for Psychosocial Risk Prevention and Health Promotion. Scientific and Empirical Evidence"



Held at the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ) Chihuahua, Chihuahua, during 29-30th of April. The  Mission of the Council is to  promote the teaching, research, transfer, dissemination and professional practice of Psychology through the promotion of its Scientific and professional development, with a high quality level in the global world context.
The CNEIP is the recognized accrediting body for the studies of Psychology and its institutional membership is composed by 72 Higher Education institutions plus about 10 Psychological Associations, 16 individual members and about 20 honorary members. During the LXXXVI Assembly Prof. José M. Peiró (University of Valencia, Spain and President of the Div. 1 of IAAP) will deliver an Invited lecture on “the experience of the EU for the validation and accreditation of the Psychology curricula”. About 80 Deans of the Faculties of Psychology have announced their participation in the Assembly.
During the same days the CNEIP organizes the XXXVII CONGRESS OF THE NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR THE TEACHING AND RESEARCH OF PSYCHOLOGY (CENEIP). In this Congress, Prof. Peiró will present an Invited address about “Recent challenges and contributions of Organizational Development”.

2nd EAWOP Early Career Summer School

The Second EAWOP Early Career Summer School is held in Valencia (Spain) from the 11th to the 17th of September 2010. The summer school presents the unique opportunity for young researchers to meet with fellow researchers and prominent professors and discuss their own work as well as aspects of being a researcher.
The summer school will consist of a variety of activities:
Key Notes (held by senior scholars)
Sessions on fund raising, publishing and research management (held by senior scholars)
Group sessions where participants will present and discuss their own research with fellow participants and senior scholars
Poster sessions
Company visits
Social activities
Key note speakers are:

1. Prof. Remus Ilies. Michigan State University. Keynote session on Diary Research on Employee Well-being.
2. Prof. Martin Kleinmann. University of Zurich. Keynote session on Construct Validity of Personnel Selection Methods and a session on Funds and Fundraising.
3. Prof. Arnold Bakker. Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Keynote session on Work Engagement.
4. Prof Vicente Gonzalez-Romá. University of Valencia. Keynote session on Work-team Climate and a session on Publishing.
5. Prof. Magnus Sverke. Stockholm University. Keynote session on Organizational Change and Employee Participation.
6. Prof. Rob Briner. Birkbeck, University of London. Keynote session on Evidence-based Management and a session on Research Management.
7. Prof. Nik Chmiel, University of Chichester. Keynote session on Workplace Safety.

Second "WOP-P EM Master Social Hour" FIAP2010, congress
We would like to share with you the information about the next Iberoamericano Congress in Psychology that is going to be celebrated next July (20-24) in Oviedo (Spain), where some research works would be presented.
After the positive experience at the last EAWOP conferece in 2009, we would like to celebrate a second "WOP-P EM Master Social Hour" and we would like to invite to all of you that plan to attend to the VIIth Iberoamerican Congress on Psychology next July, 2010: http://www.fiap2010.com/

It would be very helpful to the organization of the social event to know if you are planning to attend to the congress, so we would appreciate if you could send an email about it.
Hope to meet you next July at the FIAP2010 in Oviedo!
Agustin Molina a WOP-P EM Master student awarded a four-years scholarship for doctoral studies
Last December 2009, a student from the cohort 2008-2010 at the Erasmus Mundus Master on Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology (WOP-P), Agustin Molina, was awarded a four-year scholarship to develop a doctoral program at the Universitat de València. The student’s project titled “Justice Climate in Centres for the Attention of Mentally Disabled Persons: Impact over Worker´s Wellbeing, Service Quality and Life Quality of its Users” will be develop as part of the Doctoral Program on Human Resources Psychology under the supervision of the Research Institute of Human Resources Psychology (Instituto de Investigacion en Psicología de Recursos Humanos, IDOCAL).
Every year the Universitat de València offers 20 scholarships under the program “V Segles Research Scholarships” (“Becas de Investigación V Segles”). The purpose of such program is to increase and guarantee the continuous renovation of the research community of the university. For more information see: Resolució de 14 d’octubre de 2009 del Rectorat de la Universitat de València per la qual es Convoquen Ajudes per a la Formació de Personal Investigador de Caràcter Predoctoral en el Marc del Programa V Segles.

The Art & Science of Service Conference is a truly transdisciplinary meeting involving both academics and practitioners from those disciplines and businesses that focus on the service delivery process and its supporting systems and processes. Some of the academic disciplines that have participated in this conference in the past are operations management, marketing, information technology, design, and human resource management, among others. Technology, especially information technology, is dramatically changing the way in which services are being delivered, and this trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. Technology can affect the delivery of services in many ways including improving how services are designed, increasing operational efficiency and significantly impacting the roles of both customers and workers. The focus of this year’s meeting, therefore, is provide a forum for both practitioners and academics to better understand how technology is affecting the delivery of high quality services and its associated challenges for service managers.

Information for Contributors:

Individuals from academia, business and government are invited to submit refereed research papers, non-refereed research abstracts, and proposals for workshops, panels, and symposia. All submissions should focus on how technology is affecting the way services are delivered, and are encouraged to be transdisciplinary in nature; that is, they should involve more than a single traditional discipline.


Human Resources Round Table

All WOP-P graduates are invited to participate in the next HR Round Table that is taking place next 12th of January (18h - 20h) at the University of Valencia , Spain .

Invited Speakers:

José Luís Sabido, Head of HHRR at DHL

José Luís Arcos, Head of HHRR at Biomet

Jesús Ruiz, Head of HHRR at Verdifresh

Alumni from the first two promotions of the Erasmus Mundus Master on Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology (WOP-P), took part in the "Mundus for  Cientific Workshop" organized by the University of Granada

Last November 20th, the "MUNDUS for CIENTIFIC WORKSHOP" took place at the facilities of the Educational Sciences Faculty of the University of Granada. The workshop was organized by the Scholar Organization and Didactics Department of that University, which has an Erasmus Mundus program of the same name.

The objective of the Workshop was defined as to investigate on the work-related perspectives and real insertion into the work market of Erasmus Mundus graduates, and how the EU Erasmus Mundus program contributes to this end.

In this background, 4 alumni of the first two promotions of the Erasmus Mundus Master of Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology (EM WOP-P), took active part in the workshop.

Luciana Marques (University of Coimbra), Silvia Colotti (University of Bologna), Lynn Kolbe, (University of Barcelona) and Lucas Monzani (University of Valencia), attended to the workshop, represented the WOP-P EM Master  in the different activities of the workshop.

The Workshop consisted of two work sessions, being the first one in a series of individual structured interviews to the alumni. The second work session was a "focus group" around the main subject of the workshop.

As a result of the focus group, many interesting coincident points of views and discrepancies where found in terms of the main subject of the workshop.  Surprisingly many coincidences on the work reality where found not only on the social science related master programs but those on other diverse areas as telecommunications or energetic industries management .

With respect to the participation of the EM WOP-P alumni, in the group discussion we can clearly distinguish the overall coherence in the diversity of the 4 representatives of the partner universities.

Some examples of key concepts which emerged from the group discussion in reference to the EM WOP-P were:

  • The consistency of the theoretical models which support the learning experience during the master, specifically the scientific-practitioner and the competencies model, both general and enabling of the Work and Organizational Psychologist, which serve as a theoretical framework in the day to day activities of an WOP-P professional.
  • In the same line of though, special emphasis was made on the quality of the academic level, either on  the knowledge and academic professor members and scholars, which latter transfers into the professional activity as "value adding factor"  which creates a distinguishing  differential  when facing the professional activity.
  • Among  the challenges detected, many of which were shared by alumni of other programs, one was the idea of how to "transfer down" the knowledge, abilities and skills learnt during the master into the practitioners day-to-day reality, which sometimes in terms of times and processes is not always coincident with levels of the program. As a response to this challenge, the importance of further developing the "practicum" credits of the Master and the idea of an increased participation of the "practicum" tutor during this period as possible nexus among the academic reality and the practitioners' activities.
  • Another challenge identified, maybe of a more structural nature, was that the full time dedication of two years duration of the master, implies the students to exit the work market during this period, and after it at the moment of the re-entry, this generates a "lack of fit" between the academic experience and the work related experience in comparison to other professionals in work market.  Again as a response to this challenge, emphasis was made on the further developing and structuring of the emerging "Career Services" of the master program, as a focal point in order to facilitate the job insertion process of the alumni.

As a conclusion and "wrap-up" of a fruitful day of work sessions, the workshop concluded with delicious traditional dinner of the Granada region, which was provided by the Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar of the organizing university and its Master Erasmus Mundus MUNDUSfor program.

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WOP-P at the 44th Congress of AEDIPE

The 44th Congress of the Spanish Association of Management and Development of People (AEDIPE), organized on 22 nd -24 th October 2009 in a very attractive destination, next to the PortAventura resort, brought together over 600 congressmen strongly connected with the practical world of organizations; it was open both to scientific proposals as well as to commercials offers. As well as having opportunity to debate with politics, professors and top managers on the innovative practices in different widely known organizations (i.e. Microsoft, Google, PortAventura, Hertz, Bimbo, Kinépolis), the participants had a chance to get acquainted with the commercial offers presented in parallel to the sessions.

The main theme of the Congress was "The future of the Personnel Management: Leadership, Trust and Commitment". The need for creativity, innovativeness and values at work in order to solve economic crisis was emphasized, underlining the belief in overcoming it thanks to human capital in organizations.

Professor Salvador Carbonell and WOP-P graduates Malgorzata Kozusznik and Mario Martinez assisted to the Congress.

The participation was fruitful for several reasons: Firstly, it was an excellent opportunity to see what issues are vitally important today for organizations and the examples of organizational practices of human resource management in the time of crisis.

Secondly, it permitted WOP-P students familiarize with the "language" organizations speak and with the way the successful professional presentations are made. This knowledge is invaluable for their future professional careers and will surely contribute to build bridges between science and practice.

Also, there were opportunities to get in contact with firms and to know their innovative offer as well as spread information about the Master in order to become more visible on the market.

Finally, PortAventura resort offered a whole range of unforgettable experiences and a single ride on Dragon Khan led everyone see every issue from a huge distance and from different perspectives!

Malgorzata Kozusznik


XIV th European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Santiago de Compostela - Spain, May 13-16, 2009 .

The city of Santiago the Compostela hosted the XIV th EAWOP Congress. This provided an exc ellent scenario to celebrate the Social Event of the WOP-P EM Master. The goal of the meeting was to provide an informal space to share interest, ideas, experiences. . The meeting was well attended with more than 40 f aculty, students and alumni of the WOP .

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WOP-P EM Master presented at the 44 th AEDIPE International Congress on People Management

On the 22nd and 23 rd of October the Spanish Association of Management and Development of People (AEDIPE) celebrates the Congress on "The future of people management: the art of innovation" . The congress celebrates parallel sessions and "product" exhibitions derived from consultancy or commercial presentations.

Addressed to everyone related to the function of people management , the congress in as great context to introduce the WOP-P EM Master to those people with direct connections in the management of human resources in companies. Professor Salvador Carbonell will attend to the Congress as a representative member of the WOP-P EM Master.

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