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Dr Serrano is Professor of Economic Analysis at the Universitat de València where he graduated in Economics in 1991 (with special honors) and received his PhD in 1998 (with special honors). He also obtained a degree in Monetary Economics at the Centre of Financial and Monetary Studies in Madrid (1993). His work covers topics such as growth, human capital and regional economics. He has had scholarships at the Bank of Spain (1991-1993) and the Ministry of Education of the Valencian Regional Government (2001). He has also been Research Fellow at the SOM Research School of the University of Groningen (2000-2001). He has jointly published more than 50 books and more than 40 articles in Spanish (Investigaciones Económicas, Moneda y Crédito, Revista Española de Economía, Revista de Economía Aplicada, among others) as well as in international journals (Applied Economics, Economics Letters, Journal of Productivity Analysis, International Journal of Transportation and Statistics, Review of Income and Wealth, Regional Studies, Review of International Economics, Transportation, among others). He is main researcher on the research project: El desarrollo de la era de la economía digital y sus condicionantes: Aspectos metodológicos y análisis empíricos (ECO2015-70632-R, MINECO), within the National R&D Plan.




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