Friends I work with

I only have pictures with some of the friends I usually work with. I promise to update it.

With Fred, Anna, Jesus and my girls in Boulder (2016)

---- With Arild and Juanjo in Molde (2016) ---- With my brother Jose and a student (2015)

With Abraham in New York (2008) ---- With Manuel, Julian and Rafa in Malaga (2006) --- With Mauricio in New Jersey (2007)

With the Depart's pals in Colorado (2004) ---- With Oscar and Sergio in Granda (2005) --- With Ada, Fran and Jose Luis in Monterrey (2005)

MAEB's people in Granada (2005) ----- With Manuel and Abraham in Boulder (2006) --- With Angel in Golden, Colorado (2004)

With Antonio Vega in Madrid (2004) -- With Marco, Mila and Antonio P. in Managua (2009) - With Sergio and Misael in San Juan (2009)

With Fran and Abraham in Montreal (2007) -- With Ramon in Hamburg (2009) -- With David and Mauricio in Valencia (2010)