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CONSOLIDER project summary


Objetivos del proyecto CONSOLIDER:

The main aim of this Consolider proposal is offering a national framework for research groups expert in supercomputing applications to collaborate together with expert hardware/software machine designers in order to design and use these machines efficiently in the near future.
  • Advancement of supercomputing through collaboration between users and designers of hardware and software for supercomputers.
  • Encourage the interrelationship between groups of researchers from the project.
  • Encourage the creation of a broad culture of Supercomputing in Spain.
  • To influence the design and the efficient use of supercomputers.
  • Assist in the design of a supercomputer of a speed exceeding 10 Petaflops the end of 2010.
  • Participation in the EU's future actions.
  • Get support from the EU, through 7FP to consolidate the activities and results of the project and its participants.
Supercomputing and eScience programme:

The work program Supercomputing and eScience project has been structured with the aim of promoting interaction between different groups of project members, suppliers and users of supercomputing technology.
The activity program includes integration of knowledge and technology, cooperation in improving the use of supercomputing and exchange of experiences.
The GAR group is part of this project and structured main lines of research activity are:
  • Simulations extragalactic relativistic jets.
  • Simulations progenitors of gamma ray bursts.
  • Simulations astrophysical sources of gravitational radiation and analysis of the properties of the emission of gravitational radiation.
  • Numerical Relativity.
  • Simulations of star formation in galaxies.
  • Simulations of galaxy formation and evolution.
  • Simulations of large-scale structure of the universe.
GAR members involved in the project:
  • Jose Mª Ibáñez Cabanell
  • José Antonio Font Roda
  • José Mª Martí Puig
  • Armando Pérez Canyellas
  • Vicente Quilis Quilis
  • Miguel Ángel Aloy Torás
  • Pedro Montero Muriel
  • Petar Mímica
  • Manuel Perucho Pla
  • Pablo Cerdá Durán
  • Isabel Cordero Carrión
  • Carmen Aloy Torás
General flowchart of the project: