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Useful tips

Posted by: Diego Rubiera-Garcia | May 30th, 2018 |


There are several restaurants at the main campus and nearby buildings (crossing the main street where the bus stop is located). Fixed-price meals composed of a starter, main dish, dessert, bread and drink are offered at prices between 5.20-5.50 euros”. Coffee places are also available in those restaurants.


A large network of bike roads connects virtually every place in the town. A public system is available providing a credit card. Look for bike stations in most street crossings. In addition, private bike rent shops have expanded a lot in the last few years, and a bike can be rented for a whole day for an amount between 10-15 euros.

What to do in the city of Valencia:

The old Turia riverbed is now a flourishing walking place (roughly 8 kilometers long!), where you can go for a ride, walk, practise some sports, have a coffee, or simply to enjoy the day. Don’t miss it!

The City of Arts and Sciences, located on the south-east corner of the old Turia, is now a worldwide symbol of the town and worth a visit, both at day and at night, where it becomes a popular spot for taking pictures. We particularly encourage curious visitors to give a try to the Oceanographic building (tickets: around 30 euros). For adults and children alike, the local zoo called Bioparc, located on the north-west corner of the old Turia, is also a suitable place to spend your time

The closest beach is "La Malvarosa”, roughly 5 kilometers from downtown. We suggest you to take a bus (check the bus website for lines and stops) or to hire a bike to get there and enjoy the nice walk, the views and the warm water (warm relative to the Atlantic!).

Valencia's old town is a unique spot, crowded with large nice squares, plenty of mediterranean and international cuisine restaurants, and lots of little alleys. Getting lost on its mazes is a pleasure for both body and mind. Enjoy your time in any of the hidden coffees, or simply relax in any of its little gardens!. As highlights one may find Queen's Square, Town Hall's Square, or Central's Market.

Paella is a traditional Valencian dish known worldwide. Make sure not to fall into a "tourist trap" in terms of quality/price, specially in the downtown area. Check a trustworthy website or ask someone in the LOC regarding nice places for paellas. You would also do well by trying the typical "horchata" (a refreshing truffle while drink), which is naturally paired with a "farton" (a local sweet).

Most fun at nigh is concentrated at "Cavallers" street and side alleys, well inside the Old Town. Ruzafa is also a popular lively neighbourhood for those interested in night fun out of the beaten track.

While Valencia is quite a safe city both at day and at nigh, be aware of pickpocketing in crowded areas.

Usually, weather is quite warm in October (expect 15-25 degrees). Bring comfortable clothes.