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Posted by: Diego Rubiera-Garcia | May 30th, 2018 |

The meeting will take place at the recently inaugurated "Lise Meitner" meeting room of the Faculty of Physics, in the main campus of the University of Valencia in Burjassot (see map below)

The campus is served by public transportation: line 63 of local buses with a frequency of 15 minutes to/from the city center, TRAM (connected with the metro). Bike lane is also available from the city center and nearby towns. Taxis to/from airport take less than 15 minutes and cost around 20 € (flat rate). Zoom in the map to see the location of the bus and tram stops.

Bus tickets can be directly purchased from the bus driver (1.4 euros). Metro tickets can be purchased at the vending machines inside subway stations. In addition, a 10-ride card (bonobus or bonometro) can also be purchased in a “kiosko”, which are typically close to any subway station (though TUIN cards can be a more economic option). With bonobus/bonometro and TUIN card you can save up to 50% of a one-way ticket. The bonobus may be also valid for the subway for 1 extra euro (ask the kiosko attendant whether you want only bus or bus + metro). Bus tickets and cards allow you to commute for 45 minutes after initial validation at the bus (so you can hop on-hop off even between different bus lines).

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