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In the merits of the applicants grading it will be taken into account the following valuation:

-Academic record 80%

- Publications y Communications en Congresos: 10%

- Other merits: 10%

Valoration of the academic record:

-punctuation of the academic record (80%): Average gradoe of the academic record, calculated in accordance to the established in the Royal Decree 1125/2003, for Spanish studies, and in the case of foreign studies, it will be obtained in accordance to the equivalences established by the Ministry of Education among the qualifications of these foreign systems and the specific of the Spanish educative system.

Other merits (10%).

Those who as well as meeting the specific requirements have obtained an UB-specific Master’s Degree or a Postgraduate Diploma related to the different research lines ot the Doctoral Programme in Dentistry. It will be taken into account the training and experience of the student, the academic record and curriculum vitae.