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Use your mobile device with key access and automatic key lock.

  • September 13rd, 2018

The first obvious protection measure is to have the device controlled at all times, like any other object of value. Notwithstanding this, we can (and should) contemplate the possibility of loss, theft or unauthorized use and establish some basic protection mechanisms:

  • Protect the unlocking of the terminal, requesting the introduction of a PIN, password or graphic pattern c so that the user can interface with the terminal when it is blocked.
  • Activate the automatic lock of the device after a certain downtime. We need to be aware that there are applications that due to its features temporarily disable this feature, such as multi-media games or players. In this case, the lock must be manual when we stop using it.
  • Always keep blocking of the SIM card access to the mobile network, so that you have to enter the PIN every time the phone is turned on.
  • Install a mobile tracking application, which can be activated remotely and securely in case we lose or take the device. These tools use several mechanisms to help us locate the device:
  • Issue certain sounds to help us locate it if it is nearby.
  • Send us the GPS coordinates or the approximate location of the connection we use at this time.
  • Photographed or recorded sounds and send us
  • Send an alert in case the SIM is changed, and send us the mobile number of the new card.
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