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Remember to remove any type of removable storage support (USB stick, external hard drives or DVD's) before leaving your workplace.

  • September 13rd, 2018

In general, the use of USB memories in the Universitat de València should be the minimum possible, since we have corporate storage means in network, which allow us to work with files both to access from anywhere in the network, and from the UV , thus avoiding unnecessary file transport.

In case of being strictly necessary, the authorization for the use of USB devices must be provided by the academic or administrative authority corresponding to the job that requires it.

For security reasons, the USB interfaces of the user stations should be disabled. Only in the case that they were strictly necessary, should be acted with all precautions in their habilitation and configuration.

In the event that a user is authorized to use the USB interface of their workplace, the USB memory used should be monitored regularly, and should be in accordance with the safety standards of the UV.

These USB flash drives should be used exclusively in UV user stations, avoiding their use outside UV spaces.

Remember that USB memories should be considered as a means of transporting files, but not as a means of storage and storage. The Universitat de València already has services and systems, with network storage units that can and should be used for these purposes.

The loss or theft of a USB memory, indicating its content, should be reported to the affected unit immediately.

In any case, and as a fundamental premise, we should NEVER forget a USB drive, connected to a computer, or available at a table, furniture, or abandoned.

All this should also be applicable to other types of storage media such as CD's and DVD's, etc.


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