Curriculum Vitae

CV Facundo Muñoz (english)
(Updated Dec. 2022) Below is a summary.

Academic career

2007 - 2013 PhD: Geostatistics in heterogeneous regions with cost-based distances.
2012 Diploma in Academic Research, Administration and Education
Jul. 2009 Licenciate in Mathematics
Jul. 2007 Licenciate in Statistics


Please, see the publications section.


Languages Spanish; English; French; Catalan.
Operating systems Linux and (if really necessary) Windows.
GIS software GRASS GIS and gvSIG.
Programming languages Advanced in R, C, MatLab, and Mathematica.
Mathematics MatLab/Octave; Mathematica/Maxima; LINGO, LaTeX
Statistical Software R, *BUGS, INLA, SPSS, Stata.


VaBaR - VAlencia BAyesian Research group, since 2016.
ISBA - International Society for Bayesian Analysis, since 2015.
RESSTE - RESeau Statistiques pour données Spatio-TEmporelles, since 2014.
FOAS - Foundation for Open Access Statistics, since 2013.
Biostatnet - Spanish Network of Researchers in Biostatistics, since 2010.
SMS - Statistical Modelling Society, since 2011.
IMS - Institute of Mathematical Statistics, since 2008.
GEeitEma - Research Group in Spatial and Temporal Statistics for Epidemiology and Environment, 2007--2015.