My PhD Thesis project

Geostatistics in heterogeneous regions with cost-based distances.

In a sentence, I am trying to find valid covariance functions that depend isotropically on a non-Euclidean distance.

To the right, you can see (and download) the poster presented at the IWSM2011 conference, with a brief statement of the problem and an overview of my lines of work.PhD Thesis

Here is the final dissertation. It is in spanish only, sorry. Although you can read the abstract in english. I hope to translate the key chapters soon.

Defense took place feb. 15th, 2013. Here are the slides of the lecture.

IWSM2011 poster

My Master's Thesis project (Trabajo de Investigación)

This was the motivating applied problem for my Thesis project:
Geostatistical modelling of environmental noise in urban areas

You can get access to the dataset, code and a demo script here.

This project motivated the following article.

SAMSI poster

Parallel interests

I have also been doing some research on spatio-temporal models for disease mapping. Related to this, I knew about INLA, and got very interested in its application to Bayesian inference in latent Gaussian models.

I am also very interested in the ongoing development of the SPDE approach for geostatistical inference, which is connected with INLA, and very related with my thesis project.

In late 2011, I have been attending the SAMSI research Program on Uncertainty Quantification.


In a google code repository there is a script that installs and configures several programs and tools that me and my colleagues use for statistical research. It is to be used in a Ubuntu (or Mint) GNU/Linux machine. The software includes LaTeX, R, several editors and plugins, the Bazaar VCS, and some GIS repositories. It is intended to set up a machine and leave it up and running.