Group of Spectroscopy of Solids (GES)

Green leds Meissner effect

The research at the Group of Spectroscopy of Solids (GES) is mainly oriented in the area of optical properties of semiconductors nanostructures.
The group is involved in national and international projects with the aim of improving the efficiency of GaN-based LEDs, in the fabrication and characterization of new low-dimensional thermoelectric devices and also in an ISIC project on medical image.

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Semiconductor nanowires for energy harvesting applications

The Ph. D. project is in the framework of the project "Semiconductor and polymer nanowires with energy applications" of the MINECO (MAT2012-33483) and will consist of the physical characterization of semiconductor nanowires. The student will acquire expertise in the measurement of optical properties of individual semiconductor nanowires, in solving technological problems to prepare the nanowires for transport measurements, and will gain knowledge in the magneto-optical response of a low-dimensional structure and the thermoelectric response. His/her will learn on the use of vacuum systems, cryostats, a superconductor magnet, a spectrometer and the different kind of detector systems.

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