Group of Spectroscopy of Solids (GES)

Research topics

Electronic and Optical Properties of Group-III Nitrides

  • Correlation of the growth conditions with the transport properties (mobility, electron concentration and scattering mechanisms) of the two-dimensional electron gas in AlGaN/GaN hesterostructures
  • Optical properties of ultra-wide bandgap AlN
  • Incorporation of indium in InAlGaN (for optoelectronic devices in the ultraviolet) and nitrogen in InGaAsN (for infrared devices and solar cells)
  • Effect of piezoelectric fields in the performance of optoelectronic devices
  • Energy levels and transition probabilities in InGaN self-organized quantum dots and their optical response

Colossal Magnetoresistance

  • Optical characterization (ellipsometry, infrared spectroscopy and light scattering) of GMR materials
  • Transport properties of GMR materials

Surface acoustic waves

  • Solution of the drift-diffusion equation to analyze the physical behavior of surface acoustic wave devices

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