The research group is currently composed of two subgroups.
     J. E. Perez and P. Alepuz are IPs National Plan project. The project of J. E. Perez addresses the development of techniques for the study of genomic transcription in yeast and therefore has provided several genomic tools (GRO and RPCC techniques) as well as experimental results showing the regulation of certain genes during transcription elongation in yeast. The project led by P. Alepuz focuses on the study of the mechanisms controlling the stability and translation of the transcripts in yeast after stress. For this, the group of P. Alepuz attempts to identify binding proteins messengers (RBP) that control the destination, if they are translated, stored or sent to degradation in the cytoplasm, as well as determine the regulation of these RBPs by the signal transduction pathways involved in the response to stress. J. Garcia-Martinez is a professor in the Department of Genetics at the UV, a member of the project led by JE Perez and collaborates with him for 8 years in functional genomics techniques developed in the group.
       The group has 9 doctoral theses directed numerous research and Masters. The group is currently 5 PhD students.


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