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 Remote monitoring of sound (opto-phone) and bioparameters using speckle metrology

The ability of dynamic extraction of remote sounds is very appealing for a wide range of applications ranging from homeland security to sensational press. We have developed in collaboration with the group of Prof. Zeev Zalevsky from the Bar-Ilan University, a novel technology for remote estimation of the sound.

It is based on the analysis of speckle patterns that are recorded with proper optics. Then, by digital image processing tools it is possible to translate the vibration/tilting profile of the surface under analysis into sound. Since the technology acts essentially as a transducer element that enhances the vibration profile of the surface being inspected, changes in the vibration profile can be traced by analyzing changes in the reflected speckle pattern. Thus, the technique is not only valid for speech analysis but also for identifying obscure or camouflaged objects, for tracking cells with nanometric accuracy, as well as for monitoring bio-parameters such as glucose level, heart rate, intra-ocular pressure, alcohol level in blood, etc. And it is possible (depending on the application) to adapt the proposed technology to a given application by using low cost components.

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