Research Group in Collaborative, Cooperative and Competitive Teaching Methodologies

Project data

Grant number: UV-SFPIE_FO13-147196.
Project title: Enhancing online tutoring through BigBlueButton.
Original title: Tècniques de millora de la tutorització virtual mitjançant la plataforma BigBlueButton.
Type of project: Finestra Oberta.
Funding agency: Vicerrectorat de Convergència Europea i Qualitat (Universitat de València).
Total funding: 900 €.
Coordinator: Francisco Grimaldo Moreno.
Group name: Xarxa d'Innovació Educativa en metodologies docents coŀlaboratives, cooperatives i competitives.


This project involves the design and implementation of a set of best practices aimed at improving the mentoring of first-year students through BigBlueButton, an open source platform for distance learning. The main objective of this project is to improve the virtual tutelage of first-year students at different levels of scientific and technical degrees. To this end, we pursue the following sub-objectives:

Analyzing the characteristics and needs of the targeted students as well as of the subjects and disciplines in which they are enrolled, also identifying the existence of particular profiles.

Designing a set of teaching techniques in the field of virtual mentoring that are devoted to enrich the learning process and, at the same time, to increase the motivation of students and the development of generic skills.

Using a software that supports the implementation of the educational techniques designed in the previous section. Here, we propose the use of BigBlueButton, a collaborative tool for distance learning that can be easily integrated with other open-source teaching platforms such as Moodle.

Evaluating the performance of the proposed techniques, in comparision to the results obtained with control groups, in order to finally write a set of general recommendations of use to other courses and degrees.


Analysis of first-year university courses, disciplines and student profiles.
(Finished: September, 2013)

Design of new virtual mentoring techniques using the BigBlueButton (BBB) platform.
(Finished: September, 2013)

Installation of the BBB server at the University of Valencia.
(Finished: September, 2013)

Application of BBB during the 1st semester
Subjects involved:
    > Informàtica (Grau en Física - UV).
    > Informàtica (Grau en Matemàtiques - UV).
    > Informàtica (Grau en en Enginyeria Informàtica - UV).
    > Enginyeria, Societat i Universitat (Graus en Enginyeria Informàtica, Multimèdia i Electrònica de Telecomunicació - UV).
(Finished: January, 2014)

1st network meeting through BBB.
(January 24th, 2014)

Application of BBB during the 2nd semester
Subjects involved:
    > Informàtica I (Grau en Informació i Documentació - UV).
    > Estadística (Grau en Ciències de l'Activitat Física i l'Esport - UCV).
(Finished: July, 2014)

2nd network meeting at ETSE-UV.
(Finished: September, 2014)