Research Group in Collaborative, Cooperative and Competitive Teaching Methodologies

Project data

Grant number: UV-SFPIE_GER15-314181.
Project title: Integration of gamification tools into the classroom to encourage student participation.
Original title: Integración de herramientas de gamificación en la docencia presencial para potenciar la participación activa del alumnado.
Type of project: Finestra Oberta.
Funding agency: Vicerrectorat de Polítiques de Formació i Qualitat Educativa (Universitat de València).
Total funding: 1000 €.
Coordinator: Ariadna Fuertes Seder.
Group name: Xarxa d'Innovació Educativa en metodologies docents coŀlaboratives, cooperatives i competitives.


This project aims to study the use of gamification to encourage student classroom participation. To this end we will analyze the features of different free tools now available for common cell phones and tablets (e.g. Socrative or Kahoot). We will also design dynamic questionnaires, to be filled in individually or in groups, that will allow us to get people's votes and rankings. These competitive challenges have as the main goal that students take an active part in class and get public recognition among their peers, at the same time the teacher evaluates the general evolution of the students.


University of Valencia

Universitat Jaume I
  • María Asunción Castaño.
  • Mercedes Marqués Andrés.

Universitat Catòlica de València
  • Emilia López Iñesta.
  • Mario Zacarés González.
  • Isaías Salvador Sanmartín.


Analysis of gamification tools and possible ways of usage.
(Finished: September, 2015)

Use of Kahoot and Socrative during the 1st semester.
(Finished: December, 2015)

Analysis of the use of Kahoot and Socrative during the 1st semester.
(Finished: January, 2016)

Use of Kahoot and Socrative during the 2nd semester.
(Finished: May, 2016)

Analysis of the use of Kahoot and Socrative during the 2nd semester.
(Finished: July, 2016)

4th network meeting at ETSE-UV.
(Finished: September, 2016)