Research Group in Collaborative, Cooperative and Competitive Teaching Methodologies

Project data

Grant number: SFPIE_GER16_418250.
Project title: Using audience response tools in university teaching as an element of gamification.
Original title: Uso de herramientas de respuesta de audiencia (HRA) en la docencia presencial universitaria como elemento de gamificación.
Type of project: Finestra Oberta.
Funding agency: Vicerrectorat de Polítiques de Formació i Qualitat Educativa (Universitat de València).
Total funding: 750 €.
Coordinator: Ariadna Fuertes Seder.
Group name: Xarxa d'Innovació Educativa en metodologies docents coŀlaboratives, cooperatives i competitives.


This project proposes the use of audience response and assessment tools in the form of a TV quiz to improve student motivation. In a previous research project we confirmed the potential of these tools and, now, we aim to explore the process of preparing questionnaires by following the criteria recommended in the literature. Our goal is also that of adaptating the dynamics of TV quiz shows to the features provided by online tools, so we can give a better solution in terms of motivation and learning outcomes. In order to make the results generalizable, we will put our effort on creating batteries on questions that can be shared among subjects of a similar nature.


University of Valencia

Universitat Jaume I
  • María Asunción Castaño.
  • Mercedes Marqués Andrés.

Universitat Catòlica de València
  • Emilia López Iñesta.
  • Mario Zacarés González.
  • Isaías Salvador Sanmartín.


Analysis of TV quiz shows and desing of questionnaires.
(Finished: December, 2016)

Use of audience response tools during the 1st and 2nd semester.
(Finished: May, 2017)

Analysis of the use of audience response tools.
(Finished: September, 2017)

5th network meeting at ETSE-UV.
(Finished: September, 2017)