Accepted papers

Christopher Frantz, Martin Purvis, Mariusz Nowostawski and Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu.
Analysing the Apprenticeship System in the Maghribi Traders Coalition.

Bruce Edmonds.
Man on Earth – the challenge of discovering viable ecological survival strategies.

Gert Jan Hofstede, Frank Dignum, Rui Prada, Jillian Student and Loïs Vanhée.
Gender difference: the role of nature, nurture, social identity and self-organization.

Nasser Gasmi, Arnaud Grignard, Alexis Drogoul, Benoit Gaudou, Patrick Taillandier, Olivier Tessier and Duc-An Vo.
Reproducing and exploring past events using agent-based geo-historical models.

Stefano Picascia, Alison Heppenstall and Bruce Edmonds.
An agent based exploration of urban economic and cultural dynamics under the rent-gap hypotheses.

Oscar Javier Romero López and Christian Lebiere.
Cognitive Modeling of Behavioral Experiments in Network Science using ACT-R Architecture.

Bin-Tzong Chie and Shu-Heng Chen.
Spatial Modeling of Agent-Based Prediction Markets: Role of Individuals.

Pedro Mariano and Luis Correia.
Partner Selection Delays Extinction in Cooperative and Coordination Dilemmas.

Loïs Vanhée, Frank Dignum and Jacques Ferber.
Modeling Culturally-Influenced Decisions.

Ibrahim Cakirlar, Önder Gürcan and Sebnem Bora.
RatKit: A Repeatable Automated Testing Toolkit for Agent-based Modeling and Simulation.

Francisco Martinez-Gil, Fernando Fernández and Miguel Lozano.
Emergent collective behaviors in a multi-agent reinforcement learning pedestrian simulation: a case study.

Francesca Giardini, Diana Adamatti, Mario Paolucci and Rosaria Conte.
Group size and gossip strategies: an ABM tool for investigating reputation-based cooperation.

Christophe Sibertin-Blanc and Nathalie Villa-Vialaneix.
Data Analysis of Social Simulations Outputs.

Bridgette Parsons, Jose Vidal, Nathan Huynh and Rita Snyder.
Automatic Generation of Agent Behavior Models from Raw Observational Data.

Kenneth Comer, Andrew Loerch and Robert Axtell.
Distinct Agent Activation Schemes and Their Quantitative Effect on the Distributed Averaging Model.

Toshinori Niwa, Masaru Okaya and Tomoichi Takahashi.
TENDENKO: Agent-Based Evacuation Drill and Emergency Planning System.

Ruth Meyer.
Event-Driven Multi-Agent Simulation.

Reza Hesan, Amineh Ghorbani and Virginia Dignum.
Modelling Environments in ABMS: a System Dynamics approach.


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