CNebulaX Project: final release, freeware

            "A deep sky atlas, library, night planner and companion for the deep sky observer"

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José R. Torres


   In this page you will find the software INDEX for Windows, whose final name is CNebulaX ("Celestial Nebulae" -or "see nebulae"- extended). This program was developed through more than ten years to give response to my needs of planning deep sky observing sessions. It does not have any commercial purpose and it is offered to the community of amateur astronomers with an altruistic intention. Enjoy it if you like it.


   The most important: get the Setup files and all the complements (EXE updates and additional databases). In these pages, you will find also the ultimate HTML handbook, with pictures and a lot of tricks. Have a look to the program features and some screenshots to have an idea of what can be made with CNebulaX. CNebulaX was built from an old MSDOS program in a very slow process. Finally, some common questions are answered in the FAQ page.


   Tell me your impressions and ideas to enhance it: I really appreciate them. Any offer to cooperate in the project will be very welcome. This project requires the cooperation of other people. New databases can be compiled, new observations can be appended and errors must be located and corrected. Also, incidental new releases require testing, and the libraries and databases can be improved. I will contact you in a few days, likely in one-two days. If you do not get an answer after a week, contact me again: sadly, I know I have lost messages owing to the anti-spam filter (write in the message caption "CNebulaX" to allow an easier identification).


CNebulaX is FREEWARE. You must have it without paying anything to anybody. I do not want any compensation for this program. For me is enough if you enjoy it as much I am enjoying the development. Send me a postcard if you wish.

The current release is complete and can be used to plot very good maps. The main aim is the construction of powerful sky maps and lists of deep sky objects, to be studied in our deep sky observing sessions. It also implements a library, telescope control, ephemerid facilities, prediction of visibility, overlaying facilities, annotations, and more auxiliary tools for the deep sky observer. It is an excellent instrument for learning to know the sky at many levels.

The same way as the former MSDOS release, CNEBULAX is a full database manager, combined with a star map generator, a reference library and an observing notebook.

Currently, it is able to plot 25 million stars (GSC 1.2). However, smaller star databases are also available (Tycho II, AC2000 and PPM). The full release also includes more than one million deep sky objects, double and variable stars (all the files required for the full installation are within this website). The number of databases is unlimited, and under certain rules, the program can create and manage as much as one wish.

Visit the complements section to add more databases to the standard installation, and update the EXE file to the latest compiled one.

All the information included was found in the internet, and the original sources when available are indicated. The seed of the project was the Saguaro Astronomical Club database, with a first MSDOS release in 1994.

The former 1.02 release was very incomplete and for this reason it was time limited, but since the 1.03 rs there is no limitation. Update the program from the complement section to update minor bugs.

All the main functionalities included in the former MSDOS release have been implemented in the MS Windows release, and some other more. Only the batch processing mode has not been implemented yet.

All this stuff is just a hobby for me, not my real work. I am glad of sharing the software with you, and I very hope you will enjoy CNebulaX (after have learned to use it: CNebulaX is powerful, but not so intuitive of using). The other side: (1) The program follows my design tastes and ideas, since I am developing a tool mainly for me, and (2) I am not compromised to follow the ideas of anybody or give support. I will give support, but as act of kindness to you, not as an obligation.

I develop the program in my free time, slowly but steadly. Visit, from time to time, the download and complements pages for updating it. Some changes in the latter times have been very drastic: accuracy of databases, introduction of HyperLEDA and others, coloured stars, print-outs, etc.