Social Program


As part of the social activities related to Light Cone 2010 we are planning to have the following events.  In order to optimize  expenses we would very much appreciate if you could confirm assistance to each event. Please download the participation sheet, and tick the event you will attend and send it back to us as soon as possible.

                                 Download the participation sheet

Before proceeding, let us remind you that, as a result of the warm climate and the particular geographic location of Spain, and especially of Valencia, the eating schedule is significantly shifted compared to that of northern Europe: lunch is typically served at 2-3, while dinner is usually postponed till 10, especially in the summer. Thus, by Spanish standards we will be having a very early lunch (~1pm), that will be served every day at the Conference venue.  However, since for dinner you will be on your own, you should know that it will be rather  unlikely to find any reasonable restaurant that opens before 9 pm (this excludes  fast food and chinese restaurants; tapas bars are open most of the day.)


On Sunday 13th, in the evening, from 6.30 pm on, we will proceed with  registration at Colegio Mayor Rector Peset,  Plaza Horno de San Nicolás, 4.  Registration will continue on Monday 14th at 8.30 am at UIMP, Palacio de Pineda,  Plaza del Carmen, 4, site of the workshop.  On Sunday, after the registration, a welcome drink offered by the Instituto de Física Corpuscular will be served.

The Colegio Mayor Rector Peset is an old palace, used presently as University Residence. It is located in the old town, barrio del Carmen,  close to the Palacio de Pineda. You may find its location in, and those of you that understand spanish or valenciano will be able to discover some of its present uses.

Poster session

On Tuesday evening after the normal oral presentations we plan to have the beginning of the poster  session, starting at 6:30 pm. Posters will be  hanging the  rest of  the week,  so that further  discussions  can be carried out between sessions.  In  this initial Poster session we plan to have drinks,   to   encourage   attendance    and   scientific discussion (please note that this will not be dinner!).


The afternoon of Wednesday 16th will be free of presentations, and we plan to have  an excursion and the banquet. The idea  is to meet at 6.30  pm at  the Science  Museum Principe  Felipe, in  the spectacular architectural  complex designed  by  Calatrava, called  Ciudad de  las Artes y  las Ciencias. We will  specify the exact location of the meeting point at the conference. From there we will  go by bus  to the Albufera. This famous laguna close  to Valencia is a national natural  park, and  lies 11 kilometers  south of the  city and very  close to  the sea.  It  is an  important wetland,  and birds  of passage love to feed in  its surrounding rice fields. It is considered a paradise for migratory birds. For more information:

Once there, we will take a boat tour around the lake, and hopefully will  see the sunset, which is spectacular. From there we will move to El Palmar, a village surrounded by the Albufera, where the conference banquet will take place around 9:00 pm .

Visit to the old University building and Special EPJA Lecture

The University of Valencia (official name Universitat de València) is one of the oldest and largest universities in Spain, having been founded in 1499 and currently having around 55,000 students.

On Thurday 17th, after a very intense scientific schedule, we will walk to la calle de la Nave, 2,  where the old  University building (from the 17th century) is located. We will visit this old building, which houses a beautiful Chapel, a very old Library full  of ancient books, a beautiful hall, the Paranifo,  where the main University activities take place, and the Aula Magna. It will be in the Aula Magna where Stan Brodsky will deliver a Special Lecture sponsored by The European Physical Journal A.  Thereafter a "Spanish wine",  offered by the Department of Theoretical Physics,  will be served.  A Spanish wine is a  standing light  dinner, where non alcoholic beverages will be also served.

The accompanying persons might participate in the social events program by paying a accompanying person fee of:

All events : 120 Euros
Excursion and Banquet: 80 Euros

We hope that all these activities will make the conference not only scientifically profitable, but also personally enjoyable.

Last Updated May 19, 2010