LC2010 News

Update 11th June 2010

In order to save paper, we have decided to have an electronic book of abstracts which can be downloaded here

We hope to see you in Valencia soon!!!

The Organizing Committee


Update 11th June 2010


Click here for downloading a map with the walking directions to the Colegio Mayor Rector Peset ,where the reception will take place, and the directions how to arrive at U.I.M.P.

Update 21st May 2010

Hotel occupancy

At present we could only confirm the following lodgings:

Hotel Reina Victoria

S. Brodsky  13-19
W. Plessas  13-20

Hotel Continental

B. Desplanques  13-20
M. Dubrovin  13-20
G. Salme  13-19
N. Tsirova  13-20
J.F. Mathieu 13-18

Hotel El Carmen

D. Kharzeev 15-20
H. Pirner 13-18
E. Ruiz Arriola 14-19
G. Miller 13 -20
C. Lorce 13-20
S. Glazek 13-18
G. de Teramond 13-19
W. Broniowski 14-19
F. Llanes 13-15
M. Burkardt 15-19
B. Bakker 13-18

Hotel Melia

P. Lepage 15-17
M. Weinstein 13-19

Hotel Catalonia Express

H.J. Lee 15-21
I. Zahed 14-19
N. Wschebor 13-18
L. Martinovic  13-18
P. Haegler 13-19
A. Ilderton 13-18
T. Federico 13-20
A. Mukherjee 14-18
N. Stefanis 13-19
A. Pomerol 13-18
H. Dahiya 13-20
J. Vary 12-18
J. Pacheco 13-19
C.R. Ji 13-19
V. Lyubovistsky 13-18
A. Dorokhov 13-19
S.Dalley 12-19
V. Karmanov 13-18

If there is any error in the above list please let me know since this are copies from the agency listings.

Please communicate to us, as soon as possible, where you are going to stay. Moreover, I have blocked 5 rooms at the University Residence Peset  which I will have to liberate soon. They are individual rooms and the prize is 64 Euros/day with breakfast (if you stay from 13-19 you will get a reduced fare of 48,13 Euros/day)

                               Download a pdf file with the above message here

Update 19th May 2010

Dear participants,

This message is important. Please read carefully!

We are  updating today the scientific program, the social events program in the web page and the rules for getting support payments will be made public. Please pay attention to the changes!
There are three important matters which require your attention.

i) Finances

Up to now very few people have paid their registration fee by bank transfer. This is making our planning of the conference very difficult. We have received lately additional financing which will make possible to support more people, but all the organizations supporting us do not allow for expenses for social acts, like the excursion and the banquet. In order to be able to make reservations and define a proper program of social events we need an "easy to use" financial system. We would very much appreciate if those of you who can proceed with a bank transfer do so. We have found that from Europe and America (North+Central+South)  can be done at a reasonable cost. In order to compensate for the bank costs we are  keeping the fee of 350 Euro for those of you who do the payment by bank transfer even now. Please do not wait too long because bank transfers are not instant.
If we could clarify the social event program early on we could proceed to extend the support program  before the conference starts.

ii) Scientific program:

We would like to edit a brief handy book of abstracts so that people become acquainted with the speakers and their contributions. Please update your abstract in the draft you can find in the web page and email it to us as soon as possible (See the intructions here).

iii) Social events program:

In the next days we will update our tentative social events program (recall i) before you proceed). We are putting a lot of effort in making the workshop not only very interesting from the point of view of the scientific presentations but also from that of interrelation and discussion among all of us, and therefore we are planning a quite interactive social program. However,  we want to be very careful with our spendings since financing is meager. Below you can download the participation sheet, you should tick the event you will attend so that we do neither overfeed  nor starve the attendants. Accompanying persons will be welcome to join by paying a reduced fee.

                                    Download the social participation sheet

Best regards,
Joannis and Vicente
for the organizing committee

                               Download a pdf file with the above message here

Update 19th May 2010

Most important!

Support program: rules for receiving financial aid and opening of a new application period.
This message contains the rules set by the University of Valencia and the CSIC, which manage the grants, on how to proceed with payments. Payments will be done by bank transfer. Please bring enough cash to pay your local expenses even if you are financed. We are not able to pay travel expenses but only local expenses up to a maximum fixed by each organization. We will pay hotel bills and a seminar fee up to the maximum allowed. The latter is taxable. To avoid taxation see below. A copy of the travel tickets  is required as proof of your stay. The rules apply to everyone, even those who have already been granted support. The new applicants must be aware that financial aid is quite limited.
Here are the documents required which if sent before the beginning of the workshop will make payments more agile:

1) personal-data.xls form (a spanish version is also included for spanish speaking countries). This document must be filled and signed, scanned and send to us. Without this document there is no payment possible.

                    Click for downloading the personal-data.xls form

                    Click for downloading the personal-data.xls form (spanish version)

2) Tax documents

We attach two documents:
i) enumerates the countries with which Spain has tax agreements.

                      Click here to check which countries have the tax agreement

ii) a form which contains the necessary information to be filled out in order to get tax deduction. Some countries accept this form, some others make their own (we need the original form!)

                Click here for downloading Tax Certificate form (to be filled in by tax authorities)

Without this form, Spanish Nationals will be charged 15% and Non Spanish Nationals 24% of the fees we pay you. Hotel bills are exempt, but we need the original bill. Those of you whom we do not pay the hotel directly, please ask for bills, with your name on them, at your hotel, and give them to us on site or send them as soon as you can to avoid delays. In case your local organization needs the bill, we will have to pay you fees and then the tax problem can be dramatic. Thus please make an effort to bring the tax forms.

3) Scanned copy of the passport and Visa

4) Scanned copy of your travel tickets.

Those who want to apply for support now have to send an application (a brief statement with personal data, name, nationality, university or laboratory and the reasons for applying). In case the aid is granted you need to follow the above rules.

We are sorry for the complicated procedure that did not apply before in the case of workshops and conferences, but which has been extended recently to all official payments.

Joannis and Vicente
for the Organizing Committee

                                   Download a pdf file with the above message here