The Laboratory of Fiber Optics (LFO) is part of the Materials Science Institute of the University of Valencia and all the members of the LFO belong to the Faculty of Physics. The LFO has the equipment for the fabrication of photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) and special fiber-optics components based on acousto-optic interaction, photo-inscription of diffraction gratings and fiber tapering.

The research projects of the group involve the fabrication of special fiber components and PCFs, and their exploitation in different fields, as for example new optical fiber light sources and lasers, sensors, microwave photonics, and photonic fractional signal processing. The main achievements of the Laboratory include the fabrication of PCF with special polarization and dispersion properties, special fiber gratings, and novel fiber characterization techniques, based on in-fiber acousto-optics, and on whispering gallery modes (WGM) resonances of the fibers themselves. For years, we have developed new fiber light sources, such as Q-switched and mode-locked fiber lasers, white light supercontinuum, and photon pairs sources. We have also developed a tool-box of photonic fractional mathematical operators, and their application to phase characterization of light pulses. Currently, we are paying attention to bioapplications of our expertise, aiming at the development of novel biosensors, and light sources for bioimaging.