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  • Chica llorando

    Psychological treatment to cope with the “mourning”

    12 september 2016

    The catastrophe which took place last 24 August in Amatrice (in the centre of Italy) is widely known. Over 250 people died because of a 6 magnitude earthquake and several subsequent ones. The events were lived under great astonishment during the following weeks due to the fact that, up to a few days ago, the rescue forces were still finding bodies. In this situation, the victims’ families have to face a very hard emotional shock. Hence, we want to highlight the importance of psychologists in such difficult moments.

  • Entrenamiento deportivo

    Promotion of wellbeing and healthy lifestyles

    19 july 2016

    In the new common policy framework of the World Health Organisation, in their Regional Committee for Europe, is included the objective for 2020 of “significantly improving population’s health and wellbeing”. According to Isabel Balaguer and Isabel Castillo, both teachers of the Faculty of Psychology of the Universitat de València, the interest of promoting human wellbeing, ultimate aim of Psychology, was reflected in numerous public acts, such as important speeches, deontological codes or scientific works. 

  • “An education for emancipation”

    15 july 2016

    The authors of the article analyse the importance of higher education for elderly people. For them, “constructive ageing” is a specific concept of teaching and learning processes that do not have why limit to the working years. In this sense, they stand for introducing a social and cultural change on education as a tool to develop a good ageing. 

  • médica hospital

    Counselling: a path towards a more human communication between health workers and patients

    12 july 2016

    It is a practice used hurt patients as little as possible during their care by counting with an appropriate coordination between knowledge, abilities and attitudes on the side of health workers, with the basic premise of considering the patient’s suffering as an specially personal fact and highly dependant on its particularities. 

  • Estetoscopio, herramienta médica.

    Is dignity guaranteed in palliative cares?

    22 june 2016

    Several professionals think that dignity could be the link explaining the interrelationship between health and human rights. In fact, the call of the United Nations in favour of the ‘right to health’ means a direct relationship between both concepts when describing health as an essential requirement for a decent living. 

  • ¿Eres introvertido o extrovertido?

    4 may 2016

    La vida está pensada para beneficiar a los extrovertidos, se aprecia en el día a día, en la esfera pública, en los estereotipos que la publicidad o el cine perpetúan: la extroversión se asocia con el éxito social. Pero toca derribar los tópicos...

  • ¿Por qué los estudiantes de bajo rendimiento se quedan atrás?

    28 april 2016

    El bajo rendimiento en la escuela puede tener consecuencias severas para los estudiantes pero también para la sociedad en su conjunto. Un nuevo informe de la OCDE (Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económicos) aborda en profundidad este problema y propone diversas medidas orientadas a reducir las tasas actuales.