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Master's students attend a master class on the 'Role play' technique in mediation cases.

  • December 2nd, 2022
Faculty of Law

The expert in conflict resolution and mediator, María Rosario Mata Calvo, gave a lecture on 1 December in the series of meetings with experts organised by the Master's Degree in Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Management in Private Law of the UV.

Dr. Carolina Sanchis Crespo, Professor of Procedural Law at the UV, presented the conference which took place in the Classroom N203 of the Faculty of Law.

Mediator María Rosario Mata Calvo then gave a talk on "Role play in mediation". The specialist in conflict resolution currently works as a Mediator at the Mediation Centre of the Valencia Bar Association (CMICAV) where she participates in the Intrajudicial Mediation Programme and carries out mediations in the family, civil, commercial and community fields.As Delegate in Valencia and Castellón of the International Institute ProMediación, María Rosario Mata has specialised in mediation within the family environment and in family businesses. As a teacher, she has been part of the University Experto Course in Family Mediation of the UJI and has taught several training courses for mediators and conflict resolution methods for various organisations.

María Rosario Mata explained to the Master's students the objectives of the "role playing" technique, a group method that consists of dramatising, through dialogue, a situation that presents an open conflict, in which the characters introduce different points of view, with different solutions and interpretations. The mediator explained how this pedagogical tool enables the acquisition of skills like social perspective and empathy, the exploration of the feelings and attitudes that influence a behaviour, the promotion of group communication, participation, reflection and responsibility in decision making, the understanding of how conflicts originate, what types of conflicts there are and what attitude we can adopt, and the understanding of some of the modalities to be followed in conflict resolution--mediation or negotiation.

The series of meeting with experts is an event organised by the Master's Degree in Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Management in Private Law of the UV, financed by the economic aid provided to the Faculty of Law for complimentary activities.