Laboratory of Colloidal Methods for Multifunctional Materials (CM3-Lab)

Our Research

We focus on the development of multifunctional hybrid systems to be used as platforms for the sustainable use of resources. Nanomaterials composed of a structural polymer and one or more functional inorganic components are synthesized by colloidal methods. Our lab addresses the structure control in hybrid multicomponent nanomaterials by investigating thereby the assembly of the building units as a function of their molecular features. We also aim to develop sustainable, versatile “all-in-situ” strategies in which the polymerization and formation of the inorganic component take place simultaneously during the synthesis of the material. Finally, we address process-relevant parameters from a technological perspective to scale up the production of materials.

Current Research Lines

  • Interaction of polymers with inorganic matter and preparation of composite materials.
  • Formation of polymer/inorganic hybrid nanoparticles and nanocapsules by heterophase methods.
  • Morphology control in hybrid multifunctional nanoparticles.
  • Chiral nanoparticles and enantioselective crystallization.
  • Effect of colloidal confinement in precipitation and crystallization (confinement on particle surfaces, in droplets, and at droplet interfaces).
  • Confinement of functional agents for control of nucleation and growth (mineralization processes).


Selected Publications

Relevant Recent Work

Review Papers