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Prometeo program 2009

The project entitled "Multifunctionals Molecular Materials: Design and Synthesis of porous magnets" is financed by the Generalitat Valenciana under the research program PROMETEO/2009/108.

In this project we try to create a new family of electro- and photoactive porous magnets for the storage and the controlled liberation of gas and medicine and for magnetic sensors. The strategy is based on to use of complex mono- and dinuclears with aromatic ligands oligooxamate and divalent and trivalents metalic ions of the first transitional series (M = CuII, NiII, CoII, FeIII, MnIII y CrIII) they are used like molecular precursor against another divalent metalic ions of the first transitional series (M' = NiII, CoII y MnII). In this way we must to get the rational design of heterobimetalic metalorganic nets, called M'MOFs, with open structures of dimensionality and a particular topology and they should have previsible and modulables magnets and adsorption properties through simple electrical- and photochemical processes.


Molecular Science Institute
University of Valencia
Polígono la coma s/n
46980 Paterna