My research interests are centered on the area of computational physiology, with application to modeling and simulation of cardiac arrhythmia.

Currently, I am Full Professor at Universitat de Valencia, and researcher at CoMMLab. My final goal is to contribute to the development of multi-scale computational models and artificial intelligence systems that enable patient-specific simulation of the heart for patient stratification and therapy planning.

Rafael Sebastian on October 1, 2021

Short CV

Posted by Rafael Sebastian on October 2, 2021

I am Full Professor at the Department of Computer Science of Universitat de Valencia. I carried my PhD training at the University of Valencia and Yale University (USA). My postdoctoral training (Juan de la Cierva Fellow) was at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where I was Work Package Leader of a large European FP7 Integrated Project (EUHEART) that focused on cardiac modelling and simulation of the heart. I also had a main role in the EU funded Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence, where key imaging tools for cardiac modelling where developed. In 2010, I started the Computational Multiscale Simulation Lab (CoMMLab) at Universitat de Valencia, which focuses on modelling of cellular, tissue and organ structures of the heart. CoMMLab is one of the founders of the Spanish Network of Excellence of Cardiac Modelling.

A key part of my research has been devoted to the modelling and simulation of the cardiac conduction system from micro- to macroscopic scale. During the last years my research has focused on modeling scar-related ventricular tachycardia to optimize radiofrequency ablationtherapy planning. I have supervised 7 PhD students, and published more than 100 research papers from which 41 were published in impacted peer-reviewed journals.