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Rafa Martí is Professor in the Statistics and Operations Research department at the University of Valencia, Campus de Burjassot, Valencia, Spain. His teaching and research are devoted to Statistics, Mathematical Programming, and Heuristic Optimization. He is co-author of several books, being the last one Metaheuristics for Business Analytics (Springer 2017), and has secured an american patent. Prof. Martí is currently Area Editor in the Journal of Heuristics and Associate Editor in the Math. Prog. Computation and the Int. Journal of Metaheuristics. He coordinates the Spanish Network in Metaheuristics, currently funded as a SEIO working group.

Prof. Martí has published almost 200 papers, and more than 100 are in JCR-indexed journals (h-index=44 and i10-index=100 according to Google scholar). He has also contributed with around 100 presentations in conferences and universities, from which about half of them were invited. Martí is Senior Research Associate of OptTek Systems (USA), and has been invited professor at the universities of Colorado (USA), Molde (Norway), Graz (Austria), Bretagne-Sud (France), and Panamá. The Web of Knowledge, compiles 90 of his papers and computes an h-index =23. (Download curriculum vitae).

Rafa Martí es Catedrático de Universidad en el Departamento de Estadística e Investigación Operativa de la Universitat de Valéncia, Campus de Burjassot (Valencia), España. Desarrolla su labor docente e investigadora en materias de Estadística, Programación Matemática, y la Optimización Heurística. Es co-autor de varios libros, siendo el último la monografía Metaheuristics for Business Analytics (Springer, 2017), y tiene registrada una patente americana. El profesor Martí actualmente es editor de área de la revista Journal of Heuristics y editor asociado de las revistas Math. Prog. Computation e Int. Journal of Metaheuristics. Coordina la red Española de Metaheurísticas, actualmente financiada como un grupo de trabajo de la SEIO.

El Prof. Martí ha publicado alrededor de 200 trabajos, de los cuales más de 100 se encuentran en revistas indexadas en el JCR (con índices h=44 e i10=100 según Google Scholar). Ha realizado alrededor de 100 presentaciones en congresos y universidades, de las cuales aproximadamente la mitad han sido invitadas. Martí es investigador asociado de OptTek Systems (USA), y ha sido profesor invitado en las universidades de Colorado (USA), Molde (Noruega), Graz (Austria), Bretagne-Sud (Francia) y Panamá. La Web of Knowledge le contabiliza 90 publicaciones y un índice-h=23. (Descargar curriculum vitae).


Research project

Rafa Martí and Abraham Duarte coordinate the OPTSICOM research project with 11 members in 2 universities. The acronym stands for Optimization of Complex Systems. In this project we develop algorithms, based on metaheuristic methods, which integrated in a software, solve hard optimization problems. It has been funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad with the code TIN2015-65460-C02 (2016-2018). In the OPTSICOM website, codes, instances and best known solutions for the problems in which we are working are available.

Recent Publications

2017 Journal papers & Book chapters

Tabu Search for the Dynamic Bipartite Drawing Problem
R. Martí, A. Martínez-Gavara, J. Sánchez-Oro, A. Duarte Computers and Operations Research, In press

Heuristics for the Capacitated Modular Hub Location Problem,
A. Hoff, J. Peiró, Corberán, and Martí, Computers and Operations Research 86, 94-109 (2017)

Scatter Search for the Bi-criteria p-median p-dispersion problem,
Colmenar, J.M., A. Hoff, R. Martí, A. Duarte, Progress in Artificial Intelligence, In press.

Models and solution methods for the uncapacitated r-allocation p-hub center problem,
J. Peiró, A. Corberán, M. Laguna, and R. Martí, Int. Transactions in Operations Research, In press.

Variable Neighborhood Scatter Search for the Incremental Graph Drawing Problem
J. Sánchez-Oro, A. Martínez-Gavara, M. Laguna, R. Martí, A. Duarte Computational Optimization and Applications, In press

Randomized Heuristics for the Capacitated Clustering Problem,
Martínez-Gavara, Landa-Silva, Campos, and Martí, Information Sciences 417, 154-168 (2017)

Intelligent Multi-Start Methods
R. Martí, R. Aceves, M.T. León, J.M. Moreno-Vega and A. Duarte, Handbook of MetaHeuristics, 3rd edition, Gendreau and Potvin (Eds.), Springer (2017), in press

Principles and Strategies of Tabu Search,
Glover, F., M. Laguna, R. Martí, Approximation Algorithms and Metaheuristics, Chapman & Hall/CRC (2017), in press.

Heuristic Approaches for the Maximum MinSum Dispersion Problem,
Martínez-Gavara, Campos, Laguna, and Martí, Journal of Global Optimization 67, 671-686 (2017)

GRASP with Exterior PR for the multidimensional two-way partitioning problem,
F. Rodriguez, F. Glover; C. García-Martínez; R. Martí, M. Lozano, Computers and Operations Research 78, 243-254 (2017)

Improving performance of embedded systems with variable neighborhood search,
J. Sánchez-Oro, M. Sevaux, A. Rossi, R. Martí, A. Duarte, Applied Soft Computing 53, 217-226 (2017)


Professional address
(34) 96.3543090
Dpto. de Estadística e I. O.
Facultad de Matemáticas
Dr. Moliner 50, 46100
Burjassot, Valencia, España

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