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Alfredo Rosado

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Current course documentation is under 'Aula Virtual' CMS platform: LINK

Past courses taught and interesting documents related to the courses can be seen here:

Other web pages from the institutions and organizations where I am involved:

FIUNER - Bioengineering Faculty. University of Entre Rios. Argentine.
Comité Español de Automática - CEA.
International Federation of Automatic Control - IFAC.

You can find me in:
   Block 3, Level 2, Office 3.2.32
   School of Engineering (ETSE)
   Av. Universitat, s/n
   E-46100 Burjassot. Valencia. SPAIN

or maybe it is better at:
   Phone: +34963543808

Any problem related to this site, please, contact the Administrator, i.e. myself.