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“Fábrica de ideas AgrotecUv Innova” information poster
The new advice centre “Fábrica de ideas AgrotecUV Innova” is now open

It is a centre for advice t in the field of agro-food aimed at degree, Master’s degree, doctoral students, as well as graduates from the last two academic years.


Do you have an innovative business idea related to agro-food, but you do not know how to develop it? Do you like this field but you do not know how to approach an idea in this area?

UVemprén helps you solve any doubt you may have with “Fábrica de Ideas AgrotecUV Innova”. We want to help you start in the entrepreneurship world, taking your first steps to achieve an innovative project with an environmental, gastronomic, nutritional, social and economic impact.

All you have to do is fill in this form. We will arrange a meeting with you so that you can tell us your concerns and ideas. We will try to solve all of your doubts. The service will remain available during the whole academic year. It is available both online or in-person.

Our goal is to encourage you to come up with innovative recreational ideas and ground-breaking and creative solutions.

In addition, you will be able to participate in the next Campus AgrotecUV Innova. Here, you will be able to win €15,000 in prizes, thanks to the collaboration agreement between the UV and the Valencian Council of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism.

For further information, click here.


Date From 6 march 2024 to 20 september 2024. 24h. Every day.



Carrer Amadeo de Savoia, nº 4 baix

València (46010)

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Contact uvempren@uv.es

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