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The plant evolutionary biology group develops his research on various species and with varying aims, both basic and applied research.

Our basic research integrates different types of characters (morphological, anatomical, karyological, pollen, reproductive and molecular) to establish the evolutionary patterns of different groups of plants. Specific aims of our research are:

  1. identification and delimitation of species of different groups of plants, with particular emphasis on Antirrhineas;
  2. analysis of genetic variability;
  3. study of the reproductive system of various species of plants;
  4. development of anatomical markers of tolerance to water deficit generated by abiotic factors in rice plants.

Application areas of our work are:

  1. endangered species conservation;
  2. plants of economic interest population management ;
  3. characterization of rice varieties using molecular markers;
  4. Detection and quantification of pollen grains, allergens potentially, in the atmosphere.